Sanwa buttons: switching rims?


i’m about to build my first stick, been planning for a few weeks now but i’m stuck on the something about the buttons…

are the rims easily interchangeable between Sanwa OBSN-30RG’s and OBSN-30’s or can you only swap between the same model/line?

also are the 30RG’s really that different to the 30’s?

any help you could give would be great :smile:

Microswitches are of different sizes so no you can’t swap parts between the two.

As far as I know what you are looking for, 30mm (1a colored) Body with (1b colored) Plunger, is only available in Seimitsu PS-14-GN 30mm Pushbuttons.

The link below has a picture of said buttons.

You should be able to change out the plungers, but that may have a drastic effect on the feel and sensitivity of the button. Can’t know for sure myself since I don’t have samples of each to check :looney:

Probably best to only interchange parts between the same model. -30RGs have that bigger microswitch, so the rims on those are going to be different from ones from a plain -30.