Sanwa buttons to sensitve?


Ive got a HRAP3 SF4 stick with Sanwa buttons. Now I know 3 days of playing only wont get me a master with the stick but I cant pull off QCF x 2 + 3P. I said to myself that I wont use shortcuts because I want to be able to do it “from my skill”. Just everytime I press the 3P there comes a Shink. Hadouken and in rare times theres comes a Metsu. Is it because the buttons are to sensitve and I cant press them all 3 together because of that? Im already thinking of buying Seimitsu buttons:xeye:


It’s because you’re using your index finger faster than the rest. I have the same problem.


just keep practicing… you will get use to doing it.

I think alot of people get discouraged of the sensitivity of buttons and square gates etc… then prematurely think about changing hardware. Work with what you got. You will eventually get use to it

All thats needed is play time IMO


doesn’t correct button spacing help this issue?


You will get use to the sensitivity. When I switched to Seimitsu buttons they felt sluggish and no where near as responsive, so I went back to those lovely sanwa buttons.

It is all about preference and adaptation, in the end.


Try not to rest your fingers on the buttons too much. Lift all three fingers and press them down cleanly and hard.


Wow, thank you guys for the fast answers! Big thanks for all the opinions. Im going to train more than a month now. If I still cant do it, I’ll consider again to switch. Also another question, is it normal to being pretty slow when going from blocking crouching to counter attacking. It seems sometimes my hand is kinda “stuck” in D/B and B while blocking.


Always keep in mind that practice makes perfect… you’ll master it in no time :smiley:


Yeah, its way too sensitive for my playing habit/style. It’s my fault not sanwa’s, but I’ve been playing this way for my entire life so I am not about to change them (I played on Happ parts since High School, I always put my entire hand on top of the buttons and use the bumps in my palm to press buttons). I tried Seimitsus, they are not as sensitive as sanwas.

Button Sensitivity:

Sanwa > Seimitus > Happ Competition > X-arcade knock offs


don’t move your fingers down for the press.Keep them stationary and aligned and move your wrist down instead.


That palm thing sounds intense. I couldn’t even imagine doing a cross-button (HP-LK) type move like that. 0.o


Seimitsu pearls = ultimate button.


I switched from Sanwa to Seimitsu… not only do they look nicer, they are perfect for me because I tend to rest my finger tips on the button… this gives me a faster response. I can’t do that with Sanwa buttons.


i play different instruments like pianos, guitars, other keyed or stringed instruments so my fingers are pretty good, so to me hitting 3 buttons at the same time never seemed like a difficult thing. if it does seem tough i would suggest not resting your fingers above the bottons. when you want to press ppp or kkk, don’t push down your fingers, put your fingers out slightly curved and move your wrist to hit the buttons.


Use SFIV training mode to see what buttons you are pressing too soon/late.


off topic, but I don’t know where to post this question. Is there a fix for a sanwa button that “sticks” ? I just started noticing one of my buttons sticks, which throws off the timing and is just plain annoying. I’m kinda new to this, so is it fixable? I’ve already order new buttons for my design change, but I’m curious if anyone else ever found a fix to it.

Thanks guys


Well when I play on my friends TE I kind of rest my right hand on the right corner of my palm and tilt it a little to the right. This way I am not hovering my wrist and fingers above the buttons. And to me its comfortable. I just tap the buttons.