Sanwa Circular Resistor

anyone have any pros or cons for sanwa circular resistor for a JLW-UM-8 joystick? i just want to know if it’s worth buying along with the joystick.

the circular resistor feel just like a happ. I personally like it bc its much lighter than a happ, more of a sanwa bc it is a sanwa. If you have been playing on an american stick be4 then get it.

You’d learn to like the stock square restrictor.

You’d learn to like the stock square restrictor.

why? tis sucks especially when ur trying to double fireball motions for specials n such.

^Maybe you need to work more on your execution…

im use to happs anyway. i guess imma get it just to try it out. i could always switch it anyway.

This is a common problem. I use only square restrictors now and I still have trouble with doublefireball motion to the right. It improves a lot with practice though.

I bought an octagonal restrictor with my first sanwa stick, but I’ve yet to put it in. I’ve been getting along with the square one just fine :slight_smile:

I’ve tried the octagonal and I’m pretty disappointed by that. I can’t feel the diagonals with that, for example I just couldn’t do Yun’s dive kicks reliably… and sometimes I got hit while crouch blocking - probably I was just keeping “down” instead of “down-back”. immediately returned to the square one :stuck_out_tongue:

using the octagon restrictor just helped me appreciate the square even more. Seriously though, once you get use to the japanese style sticks you’ll never go back. happs just feels sloppy in comparison. forget about fixing your stick and work on your execution!

I alternate playing with happs and sanwas I think the circular restrictors are nice. I don’t have problems finding corners either way. I just try to switch it up.

I really think if Happs wasn’t the “standard” no one would use them. It’s odd for people to tell you they really like a Happ’s stick. Usually the response is “that’s what I’m accustomed to.”