Sanwa Clear Plungers


Hi guys,

I’m searching for clear sanwa plungers to get that sweet sweet artwork on my buttons. I’m from EU and I’ve been unlucky because I can’t seem to find an european shop having them (or clear whole buttons) :confused:
Does anyone know where I can maybe find them without having to order from the US and making me poor?


You can order them from Japan and make your self poor.
Over all, for European customers there no really any good suppliers more affordable arcade parts.
And clear buttons cost more than regular buttons.




Are those clear rims and clear plungers or is only the rim clear?


My favourite shop is Had never problems with them!


the center of the button has 2 parts to it. the clear part you actually push and the opaque (white) part in the center.
the two come apart and that’s where you place your art… in between them.

#7 it’s what you need, they can also mix clear plungers with solid color if you want. Fast shipping and all good, but these days they have restock problems because of high demand thanks to SFV. You can also try Neo Legend in France.