Sanwa Clear Push Buttons...FINALLY!


Just got word from the guys over at Gremlin solutions here in the UK that Sanwa are going to be producing full clear buttons aswell as half clear buttons ( I assume its just a plunger swap with the current buttons). See pics below courtesy of gremlin solutions.

Apparently, they are going to be released in September this year and will be interesting to see how well these sell and how they compare to the previous buttons.

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So fucking legit!!!


I’ll be buying some. They seem pretty neat. maybe we can get a completely clear stick to compliment them.



Posting this on D3Vlicious and the G+ circle.





Oh wait, there’s one extra in those pics.:bluu:


Yo uuuuuulll.

Maaaan I want to find some money now.


Gonna get 8 blue, 8 black and 8 White of both types.


sexy as hell


Sam, these will be perfect for your acrylic case!


Man I’m so pumped about these, that top white one almost looks pearlescent. These are going to be beautiful! eeee


Top white one is simply all clear with clear plunger.


Yea I thought about it for a while, and it looks like whomever took the pics just happens to have a purple to blue view out their window o.O Not to mention this monitor is way over saturated XD I’m seein like double rainbows n shit


Can you imagine what the poor guys at Seimitsu must be thinking/doing right now. They’re probably beating the living shit out of their engineers to come up with something new.


Nice!! I know when september comes, I’m picking up these bad boys!!


if anyone wants to give me their inferior seimitsu buttons i’ll be happy to take them off your hands. Just ship me the buttons along with my seimitsu exit fee :wink:


caint wait for these to hit the us


Don’t you mean you can’t wait to hit these buttons? :lol:

Damn though, this is very exciting news! Here’s to hoping they make screw-in versions of these buttons as well. That would be insanely awesome.


yeah :slight_smile: and hopefully they don’t discontinue these


I’ve been using Seimitsu PS14k clears with Sanwa Microswitches for a long time now, can’t say this news overall excites me that much -_-. But I guess it’s cool for those who buy push buttons regularly.