Sanwa Color on this VSHG?

Can anyone identify the exact color of these Sanwa buttons? Obviously, they’re pink, but they don’t exactly look the same shade as the Pink Sanwa OBSF’s on stock photos. Thanks in advance.

That is actually Violet.

Wow jdm that was fast. Thought they looked closer to Violet than anything, thanks!

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I’m totally making my VSHG violet pretty.

I like that color scheme for some reason.

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i just signed in, havent been here for a couple months, work work work.

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I was just looking at these pics and I noticed there is only three buttons on the top. Where’s the PS button ?

This was the prototype design for the VSHG. It also has a glossy finish. There is a member here on SRK who owns one. I can’t remember who though.

I like the color combination Kayane used:

i thought they were pink because i remember them trying to pay homage to the blast city sticks that had green and pink.

That is the best color combo I’ve seen for a vshg. I just found my second vshg and I’m looking to change up the colors on one of em. What color buttons are those? Pretty sure they are clear blue with a semitsu blue bubble top. Just want to be sure before I order

They are purple Seimitsu PS-14-K’s & purple Seimitsu LB-39 Bubbletop. I recommend ordering from Focus Attack if you are in the U.S.

Cool thanks