Sanwa DOA4 stick(no pcb) + hacked 360 pcb + 360 w/accessories

I bought myself a DS with an R4DS on 4th of july, and while looking for roms, I learned about modded wii’s. I then bought one and got it modded lol. I gotta sell my xbox now because being able to wield a wii remote and yelling bankai > GoW any day :stuck_out_tongue: Plus I need to fill that void in my bank account…

I’m located in the Bay area and will only meetup for the xbox. I’m willing to ship the PCB and the stick. I’m also open to reasonable offers.

*copy/pasted from my craigslist listing:

Up for grabs is my premium xbox 360 including original items along with the following:

  • Two extra controllers
  • Halo 2 headset w/adaptor
  • VGA cable
  • 64mb memory card
  • camera
  • Gears of War
  • Fusion Frenzy 2
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance
  • Phantasy Star Online
  • Samurai Warriors 2 Empries

This probably totaled around six hundred dollars or more. I?m putting it up at $450 obo. Unfortunately I?m not looking for any trades. I?m only interested in cash, and local meet up, or we can arrange for you to come by to my home and test it out before paying. I?ll leave it hooked up so those interested can see that its functioning completely, not banned from xbox live, etc. I?m in no rush to sell, so please don?t waste your or my time with ridiculous offers. SOLD

I?m also selling a Dead Or Alive 4 stick w/o a PCB modded with Sanwa screw in push buttons, and JLF stick. Stick was originally going to be screwed through the top(hence the holes in the images), but I was able to dremel around the stick, and just sandwich in between the plastic and metal. Because it was used with a 360, I disconnected the pcb for the stick and directly soldered to the microswitches. There?s another hole because this was being used for ps2+360, and a little melted plastic because I wasn?t paying attention with the soldering iron one time. The upper buttons are still in tact and can be used instead of having to add new switches for any gamepad. Considering its poor condition, and the rarity of a DOA4 stick, plus the Sanwa parts, I?d think $65 obo is fair for this. Shipping is probably gonna be around $5-7.

I?m also selling a hacked madcatz 360 pcb that I no longer have in a stick. Wired with CAT 5 cable. I just want my money back for this one $40 shipped to connus, or $35 picked up. PENDING to Pez-Man

Ok is the DOA4 Stick Currently Functional or not ?

sorry for not being clear. just a stick with sanwa parts. no pcb at all.

i’ll pay the 40 dollars for the hacked 360 pcb if you accept paypal


I accept paypal at Consider it sold. However it won’t be able to go out until Thursday because I’ll be working during the post office’s hours tomorrow and Wednesday. It will include delivery confirmation and insurance for $40.00. You can also contact me at that email address or check this one more frequently). Thanks!

I’m actually interested in a vga transcoder, so I can play wii on my monitor(I don’t have a TV in my room, and think this route would be cheaper than to buy at TV with a pc input). It’s probably worth more than my DOA4 stick so I can add cash.

cool thanks

sent payment.

how much for the camera and a controller?

Sorry, the whole thing was sold.

DOA4 stick still available. Taking offers since I found a site with the vdigi transcoder in stock.

yea but that stick is no good without a pcb =[

Perfect for someone who wants to throw in a regular xbox or psx dpad :smiley: