Sanwa Flash-based custom stick- - SOLD

This item has been sold. Thank you

Hi, I’m Selling a sanwa flash based custom stick with pink sanwa buttons and balltop. The stick features a black hammered finish and start, select and analog buttons on the back. I built the case, and dreaded fist did the wiring on the inside. Features an octagon restrictor, with a square gate on the side. the bottom has easy to remove screws if you want to change it, but there is no padding and no rubber feet on the bottom.

Looking for 170 or best offer, 10 bucks for shipping to USA.

Here are images of the stick, which features Quinne from Suicide girls as the graphic.
I made this for someone who ended up not being able to pay for it. Thanks

You’re selling a sanwa flash for $170? That’s crazy!!! If I didn’t have tuition to pay, I’d snatch that one in a heartbeat.

yeah, I pretty much need money really badly. I have to pay for my kid’s daycare, and her mom just lost her job. =/

Aww, man. I’m sorry to hear that! Hope your fortunes turn soon; I hate to see a good guy down on his luck.

you should have went with just one big quinne pic

… mmmmm quinne :slight_smile:
damn i wish i had the money for this, SO BAD.

yeah graphic wasn’t my doing. Sorry.

I’d like to call dibs until I find out how used is the Flash is. Pictures of it would be nice.


damn paik…beat me to it :frowning:

holy crap, what a deal. Flash custom for a normal custom price.

sigh damn speeding ticket…

as long as the flash works should be fine… you can always put in on a new jlf… or refurbish it with new grease and a new washer.

let me know if he doesnt pick this up… i have someone that wants it.

Yes I know this…I already have 2 myself as well as like a dozen optical ASCII sticks, but if the PCB is messed up or highly used it obviously has a greater chance of failure which is why I’m asking.


Wow, a dozen…and you never thought to sell atleast one of them? :sad:

I don’t think people would want to pay what I paid for them : ) I got them almost all through Yahoo Japan using a middle man service which means auctions price, plus fees, plus shipping to middle man, plus shipping from Japan to me. So say you won a 2000yen auction, you would end up paying like $60+ for it when it was all said and done. And I paid a good amount over 2000yen for many of them.


I make good money…60+ aint shit for me. :rofl:

I said I paid a good amount OVER 2000yen for the auction which means I paid a good amount over $60 as feels go up as the price of the auction goes up. You could always hunt them down on Yahoo Japan yourself if you’re that interested. They spring up every once in a while. I haven’t seen one in a few weeks, but I haven’t been especially looking either.


Curse you paik.

I take seconds if Paik backs out. Me needs a flash. :slight_smile:

(BTW - middle man service? Have any links or suggestions on that front?)

i take 3rds

I just got the email message from Paik regarding shipping. This stick was in great shape when I got it from Mayhem, (sorry, I think I said I got it from Per) but it plays like new and SMELLS like new, and it looks to be in great shape, not used much at all. So, Paik sent me the email first, but if he doesn’t want it, I’ll keep you guys posted. thanks.

Ok, so this stick has now been sold. If for some reason it falls through I will update.

Thanks for looking!