Sanwa Flash Joystick 4 sale


I have a sanwa joystick that was used for a day and then stored up until now. When it was used it was only put in a cabinet and then we traded it out for another stick.

The stick works 100%. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

The price is $250 shipped anywhere in the world.

You will recieve what is in the pictures below:

1 x Sanwa flash joystick
1 x mounting plate
1 x joystick shafts (both are the same length)
1 x wiring harness for buttons
1 x wiring harness for 5v connection
1 x soft spring- darker spring to the left
-the hard spring(lighter color to the right) is the original sanwa spring it comes with the stick already assembled)
1 x square restrictor plate
1 x octogonal restrictor plate ( this plate has been used before, the octogonal ring would shift around so it was glued in place)
4 x color ball tops (red, orange, green, and black)
6 x dust washers
1 x yellow Sanwa Flash Dust cover
1 x red bat top

in before sanwa flash interesting.
good luck with your sale!

im interested in buying it

i will let you know asap

Why does the harness have QD’s on the other end?

Thats the way they came when I bought it a long time ago from himura games. The Flash came with QD, while the Sanwa microswitch sticks came with harnesses without QD’s.

awww…no original yellow dust cover. i was just about to buy it. good luck with the sale

I just found the yellow washer and red bat top w/ shaft. So what I’m going to do is include the yellow washer and red bat top w/ shaft and just take out one of the extra joystick shafts.

Bet this guy still doesnt buy it :sad:

Of course he wont.

I mean, who’d by a flash set that didn’t include the original big yellow FLASH! sticker? :slight_smile:

Good luck with the sale; I hope it goes well so I can sell mine in a bit.

if you drop that price a lil bit i might get that stick…

Excepting the price I still couldn’t get this because +5v is way beyond my ability to wire / solder.

Toodles why can’t you just be my hero and release that flash replacement you’ve been tinkering with?

sticker is necessary