Sanwa Gamepad - anyone seen this?

anyone tried this gamepad for the pS3?

or this cheap stick?

Looks interesting.

Different Sanwa.

That company also makes a supposedly really good PS2 to PS3 converter.

Looks similar to the Phantom pad, I think it was called, really crappy pad for the Dreamcast. I would expect Sanwa’s to perform better of course.

Edit: different Sanwa? Odd. Side note, I use the eForcity PS2-PS3 converter for my 15th Anniversary pads, does the job. Few bucks on Amazon for a two pack.

well, i cant afford to get a good stick, so i’m planning to get a pad… just wondering which one(s) will suit a ps3 without much converting, etc…

Sega saturn usb pad?

not my style…

i am still waiting for a good pad on 360

I’d look into getting a Mayflash Arcade stick if you are trying to go Budget for PS3. If you look hard you can find them from $39-$59

Modding it with Seimetsu buttons + throwing some Happ Cherry switches on the joystick is a super easy/affordable task.

In Fact I think I’ll do a tutorial in the next few days.