Sanwa GT-C Round Restrictor Plate Insert

I think I’m bout to order one of these from lizardlick:

I grew up on american machines with happ comp sticks, but the octagonal is just way too “clicky” for me so I’m looking for a round replacement like what I’m used to in the “old days” :D.

Reason I’m asking bout this restrictor is one of the comments for this one mentions the hole should be a little smaller. Why this concerns me is I already play with a bat top on my TE which already gives a slightly longer “throw” on the jlf as it’s not as wide as a ball top. Has anyone used this particular restrictor here and can give a little input as to how much bigger it may be than the square or octagonal one? Just curious on feedback before I order one. (Yeah I know it’s only $5 but I just don’t have a need for a third restrictor if I’m not going to be happy with it, lol)

it actually feels smaller… I use it with all my sticks… takes a min to get used too but after that its fun to use… If the throw was any smaller you would have a hard time finding diagonals… charge characters especially would have to get used to the distance because a forward input could sometimes be mistaken for a diagonal down or jump… if you dont ride the gate it wouldnt matter but people that do ride the gate and use moves such as gief’s 360 and 720 its easy to pull off… same with shoto’s… quarter and half circle motions are easy and almost accidental if you arent paying attention.
like I said tho… once you get used to it… its fun and I personally havent gone back to square or octo…

Doh! I dont know HOW I missed that thread…

Thanks both of you :smiley:

Ordered :smiley:

Also I dont think it will take anytime to get used to it as it’s what I’m used to in the first place :D. My mains in old skool SFII were Vega and Balrog and I don’t believe the whole “cirlce gates arent good for charge characters” thing. I never had an issue playing them on a round but then again it’s what I learned on. Guess it’s how some people have problems learning to drive stick unless that’s what they originally started on :smiley:

I don’t know if Toodles fixed the mold but remember to put the circle gate on the second notch to avoid cracking it.