Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate, need help


Hello I need help with the Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate…
I bought an SE fight stick like 3 weeks ago, and ordered a Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate and it came through the post today…
But one thing, It doesn’t seem to fit, and i’ve made some research that it fits the SE fightstick… can anyone help me here? Do I need to buy a new JLF PCB or somthing?


Push down tabs, remove old restrictor plate, place new restrictor plate on, push down on restrictor to click tabs in place. Standard Edition Fight Stick with Octagonal Restrictor Plate … DONE.


Yes, ive taken off the old one, but when I try to put the new one on it just doesn’t seem to fit… it’s like it goes on slanted or something.


Posts pics. It should really be as simple as placing the new octagonal plate over it and pushing it down so the tabs click into place. I cant see how it can go slanted when its actually meant to sit flush on the back of the microswitches. Theres holes on the JLF that line up with the little indents on the restrictor plate also (or the other way around, I haven’t swapped out mine in months). I dont really understand how your having problems.

I would suggest just playing with a normal square restrictor plate as well. Octagonal didn’t make the transition to a stick any easier for me and both you just need to practice with.


What do you mean by that?


I’ll tell you what…although the Sanwa octo gate may fit the stock SE stick, the whole process was a complete pain for me. Just taking off the old damn restrictor plate that was already in the stick took me hours and messed up my hands.

I was in the same situation you were. After going through all that trouble and also hearing that the Sanwa octo gate is just as tough to get off from the stock stick once you put it on, I just ended up ordering a Sanwa JLF stick. You might as well too, since the stock stick is pretty crappy anyways and you wont have to go through the pain of switching gates on the stock stick. Now with my new stick, the gates snap on and come off like butter.


I’ve done it now, just followed through what djbailey explained to me and did it in a matter of minutes, thanks!


I just see djbailey say to push onto tabs until click.
What was special?

You did not install that way before making Thread?
Something about being slanted.

There is only one way Restrictor Gate go on without modify.
Another way is to use drill and screws.


I just thought about that, I didnt realise you had to line up the little indents that you could see, all I did was made sure one was lined up, and they all seemed to click on afterwards.


I get your situation now.


hey all,

new to the forum here. i have a standard edition fight stick and can’t stand the square gate.

from what i gather from this thread,

  1. if you have the SE stick, you can just get the “GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate” and transform your current square gate to octagon gate with very little trouble if you do it right.

  2. however its better to get a sanwa stick vs staying with the stock SE joystick because of build quality.

i am finding sanwa sticks with both square gate and octo-gate restrictors sold with them for about 30 bucks shipped, but just the gates themselves are like 5 bucks.

is all of this correct? i want to get me one of them round/cornerless gates and wanted to do some research.

any input from anyone would be greatly appreciated.


well the octo gate isn’t really cornerless since it has notches at each point, but its circular in a sense and not square.

get a JLF + OctoGate to save yourself the trouble later of having to remove both the square gate and octo gate off the madcatz stick once it breaks. with enough use it will break, its only a matter of time and use.


thanks for the quick response.

its kind of difficult for me to afford the 30 dollar joystick vs a 5 dollar octo-gate restrictor.

I guess I’m going to give the octo-gate a try first to see if I like it, or at least use it until it breaks…