Sanwa Hardware vs Seimitsu


I’m pretty sure someone has made a post about this but I wana know what the community’s thoughts about Sanwa parts and Seimitsu parts from an unbiased perspective.
I’m not the type that’s easily convinced by a large following if someone said: "Just go Sanwa dude"
I understand your own comfort and feel is part of the debate but is there an actual difference between the two brands in terms of how it is made and durability?

I just got my WWE fight stick and it is my first fight stick. I do wana customize it and I’m looking to go for a purple theme but I do want to get purple translucent clear buttons but I’m having a hard time finding for Sanwa parts of that color but I was able to find Seimitsu parts for it. So I wana know the main differences in the two parts so I can make my decision based on it.
Any thoughts would help thanks.


There are literally a dozen threads on this subject. I would suggest doing a search as you will get a large pool of data.


You seem like you want Sanwa parts but they don’t make them in Translucent Purple so I think the Purple Seimitsu PS14 K Snap-ins is the next best choice since its almost basically a sanwa but with a little bit more resistance.

Also, if you never used any quality arcade parts then you won’t know the difference at all until you try them both. So you may end up liking one thing over the other simply because you used one of them first. They are both quality parts so don’t worry too much about it.


I initially wanted to start off with Sanwa but since the stores didn’t have what I want, Seimitsu was another option and I don’t know too much about these brands.
Thanks for the input, I think might use what is available to me since I think I don’t mind a bit more resistance.


35mm ball tops are interchangeable between the two, just so you know.


That in itself is a hilarious impossibility.

The only unbiased perspective ANYONE can give you about Sanwa vs Seimitsu is this:
Buy sets of both. Try them out. Keep the set you like. Sell off the other set.


Levers are where you’re going to get the biggest difference between the two.


Sanwa shit, Seimitsu Rules.

Kidding, but seriously try them both out and form your own opinion.

Too bad there a lack of brick and mortar stores that just let you get the feel of various arcade parts.
Like a big test panel with various sticks and buttons mounted just so you can get a feel.

Only store I know who does this is Video Games New York, they bring this panel with them when they set up shops at Dealer Rooms at various conventions.
If you are at a convention where they have a table at the Dealers Room, you should check out them out just for the board, they also got alot of import and collective items they do not put up on their web store.


Buy Il competitions and make sure you have the dg23b switches. Concave.


The basic differences between seimitsu and sanwa buttons is how hard you have to press down to activate the buttons. Seimitsu buttons overall require more force. On the other hand, some people complain that sanwa buttons can be too sensitive. I’d say the brawlstick buttons are much, much closer in feel to sanwa.

However, if you purchase seimitsu clear ps-14-k buttons (not ps-14-kn, I believe they use larger switches) you can swap the switches with sanwa SW-68 switches. I actually like the feel of these with the combination of these buttons and the sanwa switches. It requires less force to activate, but it feels slightly different than sanwas to me.

I decided to do a test and bought a few individual buttons and switches and put them in a stick. It definitely helped me to figure out what worked for me without committing to a whole set of buttons. I hope that helps.