Sanwa has halted production of the JLW-TM-8?

I just stumbled upon this on the front page of AkihabaraShop’s website. There’s a simple statement that says:

“2. Sanwa stopped selling JLW-TM-8.”

I can only infer that this means that production of the JLW has been halted, just like Sanwa’s JLHS-8Y FLASH 1 optical joysticks.

I’ve never personally used a JLW before, so I can’t exactly express an opinion, negative or positive, about these joysticks. However, I do at least hope that, for the ones who like the JLW, this post’ll give you all a chance to purchase one from places that still stock them. So, unless someone informs me otherwise, I’d just like to say:

Requiescat in pacem, Sanwa JLW. :sad:

I’ve only ever used one stick with a JLW.

I didn’t like it.

JLF/LS-32 for life.

I just hope that the ones that are going to stock them up do not make the price artificially high.

Can one put a JLF shaft in a JLW-UM?

No, it’s a different shaft and actuator set. I just fiddled around with it to make it work and I failed miserably.

good riddance.

I ordered one jic. I heard they where stiff like a happ and had tough metal parts for the insides. Never had one but I guess now would be the time to jump on one.

So the JLW-UM is not affected? Kinda sucks since that one can only use Bat tops or giant balls.

I’d only ever used JLW’s in my sticks until I started making customs for others. My current custom has a JLW in it and they’re alright, but after playing more on JLF recently I’d probably go with one of those if it needed replacing.
The JLW does feel tight and quiet in comparison, but the JLF seems to be a little more responsive.

Ultimarc still have JLWeuro ver. j-stick
it is special order and all and i think it is still sell normal