Sanwa HRAP/DC Total Control 3 w. Grey Saturn Pad/SC II artbook/Guilty Gear X JP guide


some more summer cleaning sale stuff:

1st up is a excellent condition PS HRAP with SANWA buttons and balltop. i’ll include the original green buttons and balltop as well. R1 & R2 are plugged, no buttons.
$95 shipped

Tatsunoko vs Capcom in mint condition with Mayflash “cube joybox” converter for PSX controllers. $38 shipped

** ** SOLD ** Dreamcast Total Control 3 adapter new in box, included is a saturn greay pad that is in great condition. $32 shipped ** SOLD ** **

Guilty Gear X Japanese guide book $12 shipped

Soul Calibur II art book mint condition $14 shipped




Can I get shipping to A1N4W4, Canada for the HRAP? And does it have it’s original box?


i’ll be putting this stuff on ebay soon, if you are interested in anything but not like the price, send me a PM with your offer.


bunch of stuff on EBAY now.
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Interested in the Saturn Pad and DC Converter. I PM’d you with the inquiry.




Would you sell those Six buttons + balltop separate?

EDIT1: PM’d you back, some people have had some problems getting my PM’s lately, so if you didn’t get it I’ll PM again.


i sure got it and replied too!


bump, price drops