Sanwa JLF Actuator modded with shrinkdown plastic tubing

Hi there!

Yesterday I modded my Sanwa JLF with shrinkdown plastic tubing to reduce the deadzone.
Before that I did it with friction tape, as shown in the Akihabarashop-Modding-Video, but the problem was that because the broader switching-area is sloped, after aday or so the tape was drawn towads the narrow side and thus out of place.
With the shrinkdown tubing now it’s perfect, as is the thickness.
And in addition to that it is more uniform and looks much cleaner.
But see for yourself:

A definite recommendation!


Thanks for the info. My company has lots of these heat shrinkdowns, definitely going to put them on my HRAP 3 I bought last week.

How many of you hate your default Sanwa JLFs? Coming from an old school Happ stick player, the dead zone on the Sanwa JLF is huge compared to Happ. Combined with JLF’s weak ass springs, I really need shrink the deadzones on my HRAP3.

nice, what Diameter for the shrink?

Yeah this is awesome. Any idea where to get something like this in America? Also what did you use to “heat” or shrink the plastic tubing to the actuator? Any help you give would great. Thanks!


If you can post the exact diameter and maybe a link to where to buy the shrink wrap that’d be appreciated.

search for ‘heat shrink tubing’. Lots hardware stores carry it. Radio SHack carries it but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it carry that size. Hardware stores or online are your best bet.

Awesome! WIll do that on my Hori Ex2. Is one layer enough?

I would think to use a hair dryer to shrink it.

The diameter of the shrinkdown tubing used is 12 mm, about 0.47". Needs a little pushing to fit over the broadest part, but it’s possible.
I got a whole shrinkdown tubing package with different sizes from my local building market.
For “heating” it I used a simple lighter (as it is common with shrinkdown tubing in the electronic sector).
So, good luck and enjoy guys!


You can also use a high powered hair dryer or a heat gun if you have either to activate the shrinkdowns.

If you use the shrinkdown plastic tubing, you can’t remove it right?

OMG thank you OP. I just put this mod in w/ help of my co-worker. My left palm and fingers are having orgasmic eruptions. This mod along eliminated my dead zones to about 1 mm and somehow it also made the stock JLK spring feel tighter. I can say my JLF stick is now PERFECT!

This looks really nice. Gonna try it now lol. :slight_smile:

Does anybody know if/think that two layers would be overkill? Thanks in advance for any help given!

Use only 1 layer. I tried using 2 layers (because of my work + co-worker) its too THICK. Only use 1 layer and it is PERFECT!

Here’s a photo of my mod. I used 1 and 5/16 inch heat shrink downs.

Do you use an octogate? Still trying to figure out if this mod is useful for square gates.

No I am using the stock Square gate. I was an old school Happ player, but since I got my HRAP 3 last week, I actually like the square gates better because it is more precise IMHO. But I had dead zone issues with the stock JLF.

After this mod, I feel the JLF is just perfect. Because of this mod, the dead zone reduced to at most 1~1.5 mm which perfectly compliments the light spring of the JLF. To pull off moves with this modded JLF is so effortless it almost feels its on auto pilot.

Actually I’m now using 2 layers on the shaft (not the broad area that activates the swithes, there I only use one), together with an octo-gate - and the handling is VERY close to perfection IMO!!
All a matter of personal taste though…

You can remove it, just cut it off with a knife or something.

2 at the restrictor and 1 at the switches?
That’s exactlly what I wanted to try. Bought the tubing today but still waiting for my restrictors to start modding.