Sanwa JLF and madcatz xbox 360 controller

ok so im talking to toodles on msn

he said hes going to watch a movie with the girl :stuck_out_tongue:

and we where trying to figure out the easyest way well he knows he just cant tell :stuck_out_tongue: solder this on with a JLF as is.

Now i know ppl like to neg rep but he said to make this so plz dont its already bad enough


he said somthing about using madcatz controller with jlf and getting it to work what do i do? this is as is or minor mods

I don’t think i understand what it is you’re asking. Are you trying to build your own stick?

Yes, you can hack a madcatz pad and wire it to a sanwa JLF, but that’s 1 part of the puzzle.

that part toodles didnt exactly tell me what to ask lol it was just make a thread

Look in the ‘padhacking’ thread for the picture of the MadCatz 360 controller TMO recently posted. The D-Pad on it uses a common connection; there are 5 wires connecting the little cross shaped board to the main PCB. You connect the five wires on the JLF harness there, and then make some pancakes. That’s it. Run two wires for each play button to the button on the PCB, throw it in a box.