Sanwa JLF connector

Hi everyone. I’m currently dual modding my xbox360 TE stick and I need another one of these connectors

Does anyone know what the actual plug on the end of the cable is called? thanks in advance.

universal 5 pin joystick molex connector?

It’s a JST NH connector:

Part #'s for housing and contacts are in the PDF.

Rather than looking for and buying the connector, you can solder any spare 22 AWG (or whatever you prefer) stranded or solid wires directly to your joystick’s direction pins.

No, it is not Molex!
It is JST.

JST NH Series Connector.
The Housing for Wire Harness is H5P-SHF-AA.

good stuff, ive never seen that. ive only heard wot i said from other places, which they’re wrong too LoL

I have made Post about this like fives times on SRK already.
And even linked to Data Sheet like M K L did.

And for some reason, after every of those Posts, no one says anything.
The stupid thinking I’m wrong.

soooooo, you have to order 1,000 pieces?

I know where you do not have to.

And unless you guys have Open Barrel Crimpers, crimping 2mm Terminals is not easy, and even with them.
The Crimpers are not cheap either.

You know I have a few $200+ Crimpers?

My Soldering Stations are those prices too.

No, I can order 10:

But you can’t use my source if you’re in the US.

It’s 2.5mm though.

The width of the Contacts is 1.95mm in the Data Sheet.
2.5mm is the Pitch of the pins.

well that’s just not fair. :frowning: