Sanwa JLF doesn't fit into SE Fightstick

I just got my new stick from Lizard Licks, I ordered the Sanwa JLF (the one that it says fits the stick on their website) and I can’t get it to fit. The only way it fits in makes it so up is left, left is down, down is right and right is up but I can’t turn it 90 degrees because the buttons get in the way of the metal plate on the stick.

What am I doing wrong?

Take off the gate and turn the pcb.

Also I’m sure this is explained in the big topic about the fightsticks.

omg thank you i am retarded

Is there anyway to make the joystick not rotate in place? I keep slipping cause it spins

To my knowledge, no there isn’t. It might be how you’re holding/gripping it. I’ve never had a problem, but I’m gonna assume I just hold it differently. Not to say there’s a problem with how YOU hold it, but you’re probably going have to live with the spinning ball thing.