Sanwa JLF double-input from microswitch


Hey all,

It looks like my Round 2 TE is acting up. When I slowly tap left, it will register left twice and starts a dash. But if I hold left quickly, it will register left once. But if I let it go, it will register another left input (kind of like a negative-edge).

Is this a microswitch issue or the PCB? Has any one run into this issue before?


Sounds like a micro switch problem. If you can solder, just replace the switch in question. If not, buy a JLF pcb assembly and drop it in.

Worst case, you’ll have a spare switch or JLF pcb while having the same problem.


If I was you, @soumienchiem‌, I would go to Cherry switches and get a .187 QD conversion harness. With a .5mm acuator, it’s my favorite mod for a JLF. Cherry snaps are almost completely silent. Just enough sound to give you some unobtrusive audio feedback and they engage much faster than the OE switches. I find JLFs with this mod feel and perform superior to standard silent JLF’s.

Note: 1mm actuator will be too large with Cherry switches.


Change the setting to “DP” on the turbo control panel.


Yes. Might be as simple as this.


Changing the setting to “DP” did not remedy the issue. It’s already on “DP” anyways.


If you have another arcade stick, move the faulty JLF to that case. This will help identify if it’s the joystick or the round 2’s main PCB. If you do not have another stick and you live in SoCal, hit me up. I can help you in person.


Hey guys,

Thanks for the tips. I actually got it fixed by cleaning the microswitches’ contact points with alcohol wipes. I think there were dirt/carbon on the contacts.