Hello, I’m trying to replace the stock seimitsu stick in a HRAP EX-SE stick with a Sanwa JLF and the JLF’s I’ve had laying around as replacements for all my other sticks are these ones but the stock seimitsu stick has a layout similar to this one. Anyways, the first thing that came to mind was:
Since each microswitch has two wires going to it from the PCB then I might be able to take one wire from each direction and connect it to the 5 pin connection with respect to the direction each pin refers to, and the 5th being ground, then with the remaining 4 wires, connect them all together on the ground pin, for a common ground.
Well that didn’t work.
Does anybody know if it’s possible at all to make a connection that will work with the 5 pin JLF or do I HAVE to get a microswitch JLF?
I’d appreciate any insight on this, thanks.

I thought the same before but I was informed (thanks Nerrage) that those sticks are not common ground… so to make it work you have to do this.
from JDM

Alright, thanks for the info.
I just browsed over it since I’m short on time at the moment but I think I know what it’s trying to tell me. I appreciate it.