Sanwa JLF issue... or is it me?

I just finished building a custom arcade stick with Sanwa parts and a Toodles ChImp. It went very well and many things are already much easier than they were with the fightpad.

To cut to the chase though, I’m having what appears to be an issue with the stick itself. I’m using a square gate, and when I put the stick in the down+LEFT position (this only happens on this side) all the way against the edge of the gate, it registers as only LEFT. down+RIGHT works just fine, however. If I don’t “ride the gate”, it will work, but I find this rather inconvenient, as I’d rather use the gate edge for crouch blocking or charging.

Has anyone else had this issue, or is it an issue at all? I can’t imagine this is how it’s supposed to work. If it is an issue, is it with the gate or elsewhere?

I’d appreciate any advice or comments.

Odd problem, I guess id confirm that the gate is locked in the 8 way position first. It should look like a square and not a diamond when looking at the bottom of the stick. I can’t think of something that would change when you ride the gate. Maybe something is shifting when you ride on the gate. Try taking apart the stick and re-assembling, this usually helps me find a problem.

I did what you suggested, took it apart and re-assembled (it came pre-assembled from lizardlick), and it now seems to be working fine!

I’m adapting to it pretty quickly, though I do have arcade experience from back in the 90’s, so I’m sure that helps. It’s a lot of fun!