SANWA JLF Microswitches went bad

Today my down inputs weren’t registering and I opened up my TE and investigated. Apparently the down microswitch would only register when it was completely pushed in. If you pushed and heard the click it wouldnt register unless it was pushed even further. I’ve always had trouble with superjump and hadouken motions not coming out at random times and I always attributed it to an error on my part.

I had another JLF laying around thankfully because I had just ordered some parts hoping to build a custom soon. I put the new JLF in and the inputs seem much cleaner and I no longer have the superjump issue. I’m just wondering if my original JLF could have been bad from the get go? Or if it just broke down from use?

This was my first stick and I was a noob to using them before this so I easily could not have known if this issue was present from the beginning.

Depends on how long you’ve had it, and how much you’ve used it and how heavily it’s been used.

You can buy a TP-MA PCB to replace the microswitch PCB on the bad JLF, cheaper than getting another new one.

Yep, just like Nerrage said, it really depends on when you got your TE and how long you’ve been using it. To elaborate on what he said, you can buy the replacement microswitch PCB assembly from Focus Attack here:

Alternatively, if you know how to solder, you can just purchase the individual microswitch here:

Go for Seimitsu, LS-56-01 or LS-58-01, levered microswitchs FTW!