Sanwa JLF on eBay - In Stock Now

Not too bad a price considering the shortage. Ships from UK to US for a total of $35. Only 8 left at the moment. Was 9 a few seconds ago until I hit buy it now.

He’s the reason they are gone!!

You guys know you can always buy them here right?

I’m not out of stock :slight_smile:

Check the user feedback forum. Some guys even ordered from me yesterday and got their order today (and I only charge 6 bucks shipping)

Wow I just bought 2, when there where 5 left, leaving 3 left, and 10 minutes later, all gone.

All gone now. Ah well.

that’s not the only one up on ebay right now O_O


The ones on eBay UK are from Gremlin Solutions, the UK’s only Sanwa supplier. You can also buy direct from their website.

I’ve been waiting for three weeks for my buttons though. They get a shipment from Japan every month. The shipment was due to arrive yesterday/today.

They’ve updated the page; their shipment has arrived.

I’d be interested to hear why they say there’s such a shortage for people with orders when they’re flogging them on eBay… :rolleyes:

I sense the start of a long and mournful thread.

You started it. :wink:

16 pound + vat… do we pay vat if we are buying from U.S.?


Legally you shouldn’t, whether the seller follows the rules is a different story.

Payments to them go through paypal, so I have a feeling with Gremlin being a UK supplier and having a UK account it may automatically charge you for it. You should be able to argue that you dont have to pay it though.

I’ve got an extra one and some sanwa buttons too.

he sells the 5pin cable seperately, what a gip.