Sanwa JLF or Seimitsu LS-32-01 POLL - Please vote if you have experienced both

Sanwa JLF or Seimitsu LS-32-01 POLL. Please vote if you have experienced both.

Which stick do you think is better?

Thank you for everyone taking this poll! and sorry if this poll has already been done and I didnt find it

I’m not voting since I really have no experience in either stick, but from what I hear the Seimitsu seems to fit my style better, smaller dead space, more tension. Seems odd what nobody has made an octogonal gate for it. I would have thought that would come out before a round gate.

Seimitsu. Both are good though

Most will vote without having tried both sticks. This will end up becoming nothing more than a popularity contest.

Sanwa will win, simply due to higher popularity and sales, which originally stemmed from mere popularity. In essence, there are a lot of Sanwa fans, because a lot of Sanwa fans simply have never even touched a Seimitsu for them to even know if they prefer it.

In other words, your poll will end up becoming worthless, if it already isn’t considered such. (No offense to you as a poster of course, just the nature of these kind of debates. It’s a Coca Cola vs Pepsi argument, except most of the responders have one tried one drink before having to make a choice.)

thanks inverse, i edited my thread to try to avoid a popularity contest as you say

I voted for the LS-32 since it has a way smaller deadzone than the JLF, and I get more feedback from engagement of the switches and the quick return to center that the spring has.

As a shmup player and not a very big fighting game fan, I prefer the Seimitsu. I am disappointed that I haven’t been able to figure out a way to fit an LS-32 into a Hori Wii Fighting stick mod I’m working on. I am modding it mainly for Wii virtual console shmups. If anyone has any workable ideas for it, let me know. The JLF works fine in it - I won’t say it is anywhere near poor, but a Seimitsu LS-32 is more responsive, IMO, and that’s what I need.

I don’t see why the ls32 is the most popular seimitsu stick. I personally like the ls56 better than the 32. It seems like the people who prefer the 32 over the JLF site shorter throw & stiffer spring as the reasons. However the ls56 has a shorter throw & a stiffer spring than the 32. It also has the option of square & octogonal like the JLF. Also the ls56 will fit in more sticks than the 32 because it has a taller shaft & the same mounting plate as the JLF. It seems the BIGGEST difference between the JLf & the 32 is the levered vs nonlevered microswitches. To me the responce of the nonlevered switches us much more crisp & accurate while the levers switches on any stick feel kinda clunky/ rough.

Allow me to direct your attention to this video on how to make the JLF easily as responsive as the LS32, or maybe even better!

I use a JLF with Cherry switches and a LS-33 spring added and it feels like a LS-32 but smoother and with a looser spring. I should be able to try it with a LS-55 spring soon, which I think will make it even closer to the LS-32.

I have a stock JLF in my TE stick and an LS-32-01 waiting to be put in. Once I swap out the JLF for the LS, I’ll make my vote.

I like it tight (lol) so im going to have to say Seimitsu LS-32. JLF’s are cool too but I seem to play better on Seimitsu sticks.

I’ve tried and played on both and the 32 is much better for my taste.

Tighter. MmmmmM :smiley:

If you love tight, try a taeyoung fanta. :lol:

I have a LS-32–01 and a stick with a JLF in it…I sold the stick with the JLF and am excited about isntalling the LS32 in the stick I’m using now.

I have both. I like the Sanwa JLF. The Seimitsu has a shorter shaft. I like a long thin shaft. Wait… no I mean… errr…

Joking aside I like the mounting height of the JLF better and it fits in smaller spaces. Also the way the LS-32s have a little extra throw when you ride the gate harder bothers me.

LS-32 but I like the LS-40 a wee bit more.

What do you mean “extra throw” when you ride the gate?

Just wondering as I’m considering an LS-32 over a JLF

I voted LS-32. Honestly though, I’ve been playing Neo-Geo since the early nineties and only tried a Sanwa that a friend had at her house so it’s not like I made any sort of objective comparison between the two.

i ran a spring modded JLF and a stock LS-32-01 in my TE (both with a square gate) and i just prefer the spring modded JLF over the LS … the LS is just to clanky for my taste… to me the spring modded JLF felt smoother… now a out of the box stock JLF now… hmmm … I might have to choose a LS-32 … lol

beastSPL u got a link to the spring mod tutorial? i just switched to a JLF tonight and i find it a little too lose…would definately like more tension similar to american sticks…