Sanwa JLF Square gate problem

So I recently bought a custom made stick off a builder here at SRK. I originally asked for a octagonal gate for my JLF instead of the standard square gate. Well, after 2 days of missing tons of “Back-Forward-Back-Forward” supers in Super Turbo I decided to give a Square Gate a chance. Well, I swapped the 8-way gate out with the square and everything worked fine. Tight fit and all that.

Well, about a week after I put it in I noticed that going from back to downback wasn’t registering. Like say I’m flying out of the end of a command grab and holding downback. When I land, instead of ducking and charging, I’m just going backwards. To counter this, I quickly put the stick slightly neutral and go from down to downback (which always works).

Does anyone else have this problem? The stick would be flawless if I didn’t miss these corners 40% of the time. Maybe I have to sand down the gate a little?

You probably tightened the screws when the gate was slightly tilted.

So do I take the gate back off and put it back on? It looks so snug…