Sanwa JLF stick differences


Hi there, I’ve just finished my first build except for installing the final Sanwa components and I have one final question to ask:

If the stick’s mounting area is very shallow do I need to get the “S” version to mount it deeper (The area I will be attacking it to is 3.5mm thick) rather than the traditional 8TY version?

Also, is this the “S” version, as the mounting plate looks to be the wrong way around?

Thanks a ton for all your help during this build guys, almost there :slight_smile:

Edit: I’m asking if the above stick and plate can be mounted like this:


u should of asked in the noobie thread up on top.if u did AND THE PPL IGNORED YOU MY BAD!


What’s stopping you from mounting it the other way? As far as I can tell you just flip the plate over, assuming it can be removed.

I posted a new thread because I wanted more of a discussion and a more in depth response than I get in the newbor thread.


I don’t think it was designed for that, so it might be too deep.


yeah, don’t think it would work for that design either…


that and the plate has counter sunk screws so u wont be able to flip it around


Thanks for the feedback guys :slight_smile: