Sanwa JLF Stick Question

Hi guys I was just wondering, if I can mod my WWE Brawl Stick with this particular stick.

Any help would be appreciated guys.

PS. Lets say I want to order a custom art for said Brawlstick (I dont have any kinkos or lamilabel stuff that I know of available in Puerto Rico) from one of the peoples in the forums, which thread would that be as to not intrude? Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes the jlf will work, as for you commissioning some one for art check Making Your Stick Pretty: A Custom Stick Art Guide/Tutorial & The STICK ART REQUEST Thread: READ THE OP!. Do you have family in the states you should design your own art and email them a pdf have them go print, laminate and send back to you if your able.

Yes thank you! I shall order it soon and then hopefully the seimitu smoke balltop LB35 if im not mistaken cause it looks sick. Sadly I dont any family in the states thats why I asked the correct thread. Hopefully someone is kind enough to do me the favor. Thanks man!