Sanwa JLF "sticking" help

I have the Sanwa JLF that came with TE stick (i think it is a JLF) and it is “sticking” while registering “up-left”. There is not a physical stickiness but rather when I do a forward jump to the left I get a neutral jump somewhat regularly (25% of the time I figure). Is there any kind of easy fix for this? Is this a software thing or something I can fix by opening it up? I figure this kind of thing happens often. Worst case scenario I have another spare JLF i can swap… but I would rather get this one working.

check the LS DP RS switch at the top… make sure its on DP.

also, when you say you get a neutral jump, you get it instead of the forward jump? if so, are you sure its not human error?

Yeah it’s not the switches at the top, i’m very careful to first check they are in the right spot. Neutral jump instead of a forward jump (specifically malfunctioning in teh upper-left corner position, not any of the other 4 corners), definitley not human error it just started happening like a month back.

I have the same issue. The up and down take priority over the right on mine so unless u start pressing right it never registers.

It may be the micro switches wearing out? They are cheap to replace if thats the problem. You can also take it apart and clean it, make sure nothing is gummed up.