Sanwa JLF sucks for MvC2: myth or truth?

I see lots of people talking about how an American stick is required to play competitively in MvC2, but I’m not sure I understand why. Is this just a matter of personal preference that got blown out of proportion, or is there really a technical advantage to be gained from playing MvC2 with an American stick instead of a Sanwa JLF?

It depends!

If you are playing Marvel characters, an american stick is necessary! Especially for competitive play!
…the JLF will be better for the Capcom chars though.


Dude, seriously, what do you think?

From my small experienced, my JLF is very sensitive to the directional movements. The arcade ones that I use to play were durable and not really sensitive.

A lot of Marvel players like how the happ/IL stick has a stiffer spring letting it return to center faster, so I’ve read. Apparently, you need to be able to have the stick go back to center to execute some moves, and it is harder to feel the stick centered on a stock JLF. I think that if you put in a home depot spring in a JLF, they could be acceptable.

Depends on the player.



I don’t really subscribe to the belief that one stick is good for some games and bad for others. If it’s good, it’s good.

I think this came about because most of the best marvel players are American, and are simply not as used to playing marvel on Sanwas as they are on American sticks. They recommend Happ all the time because of this, and now we have this weird belief that Sanwas suck for marvel. Same thing goes for Korean sticks for Tekken and Seimitsus for 3s.

leaveal: That’s like saying “I don’t subscribe to the belief that one car is good for some races and bad for others.” To bring the car analogy: a new Lotus may be godly on a road-race or autocross course but the drag-built old-school Camaro will win in the quarter mile.

There’s a solid hypothesis (or possibly a base assumption) for why a Happ style stick is better for MvC2: quick return to center is integral to the game.
There’s a solid explanation for why Happ-style sticks are better at returning to center: stiffer spring.
Therefore, there’s a solid logical reason with a reasonable hypothesis for why Happ-style (or at least a stiffer spring) is better for MvC2: The stiffer spring returns you to center quicker which is an integral part of high-level MvC2 play.

If you want to analyze the base assumption – that return-to-center is necessary – or analyze deduction – the difference in return-to-center in Happ vs. Sanwa vs. Seimitsu etc. – do so, but until someone does and disproves it the leading theory will prevail, and for good reason.

Personal preference. I’ve seen good players with both.

I think it’s fine but I kinda suck.

I don’t know anything about cars, but cars are not arcade sticks. You can learn to play Marvel on Sanwa as well as you do on a Happ, but I doubt it’s the same for cars and races.

See, I’m not even convinced that there IS a difference in back-to-neutral speed, let alone if the difference in speed even matters. For most Sanwa MVC2 players, it sure as hell doesn’t. If there is a difference, it’s probably so small that it’s practically negligible and often easily overcome by preference. I would never say Sanwas outright sucked for Marvel because they’ve been working fine for me and thousands of other people since MVC2 came out.

I’m going to have to quote this man for truth.

Its fine for me, I do use the bat top though. Its all about short throws…

I’m damn sure that the margin between car specifications a greater impact on overall performance than specifications between arcade sticks.

There’s a preference in techique for returning the stick to center. Some people like to let go of the stick for a split second and have the stick return to center on it’s own and then go into the next motion. Some people actually teach themselves to move the stick directly to neutral.

Button layout is also important. American layouts are all straight, while Japanese layouts are skewed. American layouts are perfect for sliding hand techniques while Japanese layouts are great for claw hand techniques. However it is strange to find a case that fits Happ stick or contains a Japanese button layout and find a JLF with a straight American button layout.

Japanese buttons are also very sensitive while American Happ Concave buttons take more force to activate the button. This makes hitting two punch or two kick a lot easier. Very important for dashing and trijumps.

So there’s more to it than JLF vs Happ stick. In my opinion both can do the job, but you have to take into consideration everything else. Case, buttons, layout, and of course personal preference.

MVC 2 should be best played with Happ/IL parts and should have the straight 6 American Button layout. That’s how it was originally in the arcades. Good Nostalgia. :smiley:

Are we just discussing jlf vs american or jap vs american. Because ive played mvc2 on a sanwa jlw and seimitsu ls56 w/home depot spring. ANd they felt REALLY good.

This is a fantastic question. Has anyone ever measured the back-to-neutral speed on a Happ vs a JLF? The Happ has a stiffer spring, but it’s also much heavier, so perhaps the Happ simply has more momentum?

Myth. The stick makes no difference. It’s a matter of preference. I play better on my SF IV SE stick with sanwa parts for marvel than I do on a mas stick.

However, American Happ buttons are slightly better or they feel better than Sanwa for Marvel when you’re mashing to maximize damage off mashable supers like if you’re punishing an assist with the hailstorm. Happ buttons feel better when you’re swiping the buttons back and forth.

If I had to play on a Happ stick, I’d choose the competition medium or high spring stick over the perfect 360.

I agree with you on everything, except for one thing, korean sticks are really the best for tekken, if you want to play highest level mishimas.

I couldn’t get used to the american stick very much. I wished that any arcade had a Marvel cabinet with sanwas. Not gonna happen but I can dream right? The american layout just has too much space between buttons for my hand. Did anyone at evo use japanese sticks? Maybe the japanese players?

For MVC2 you gotta have the good old bat top joystick, (Old school Perfect 360 Mas) cause that game just dont feel right playing on JLF… just my opinion though.:tup: