Sanwa JLF + tape mode vs Seimitsu for Tekken 7


Hello guys,

I bought a Venom PS4 Official Arcade Stick less than 1 month ago. So I started changing the sticks and buttons with sanwa parts.

I didn’t like the feeling of Sanwa JLF, so I added some tape to the actuator and now I think the feeling is perfect, but I’m not sure for how long this kind of mod can work, so I’m also looking for a stick that doesn’t need mod or anything else.

I’ve heard of Seimitsu LS 32, 40, 55, 56 and 58, but I’m not sure which one I should pick up.

I like the standard Sanwa spring (if I’m not wrong should be 0.9 lb). I’m not sure how many mm I’ve enlarged my actuator, but I think it’s similar to the Kowal 1mm probably.

So which Seimitsu could give me a short engage like the Sanwa with bigger actuator, but at the same time keeping the same spring feeling. I’ve read that LS 58 has a less stiff spring, so could its spring be compared to the standard Sanwa? And at the same can the LS 58 short engage be comparable to the JLF + 1mm actuator?

I’m also considering to try a metal or some other material actuator for my JLF, because I’ve heard that Kowal ABS can produce dust that can damage the stick’s switches, the problem is that in Europe I think they sell only Kowall 1mm actuator. :frowning:


LS-32 or LS 40, the LS-32 has this if you hit the gate too hard you feel the actuators jump which an it’s some people, the LS-40 lacks this flaw.


LS-40 is splendid. It also better than the LS-32 by a mile. If the LS-32 didn’t pivot-hop, them maybe it would be a different story…


paradise arcade shop makes a metal replacement actuator. stay away from the kowal actuators. Ive had many JLF pcbs failed due to the debris they create - unless you want to open your stick and clean it out few weeks.


PAS also sell slightly oversized actuators made out of Delrin (a material that has similar look and feel to the standard ABS plastic Sanwa actuators, but far better durability). These actually utilize a design with the proper angle to avoid the mess that those Kowal abominations create.

I use these in all my JLF-equipped sticks:


I think the next person who put a Kowal actuator in their JPG and wants a repair from me afterwards , I going to charge them an extra service fee for all the cleaning