Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y gate restriction question

As I understand from browsing the forum, there’s only three types of restrictors for this stick, right?

  • default square
  • default octagonal
  • default two way restrictor

I have both the default square and octagonal, and I want to reduce the deadzone. Is it a good idea to get the two way restrictor (GT-2F)? If not, how else would I go about reducing the deadzone?

which dead zone are you talking about? Are you talking about the distance you have to throw before triggering something? The only way to change this is by installing a fatter actuator (thing in the middle). I guess you could try wrapping tape over the default actuator or something. Or are you talking about the total distance that you can throw? If you want to reduce that, fattening the actuator will work too, and that’s about the most practical solution to do it.

All a 2 way gate would do is let you hit 2 directions… left… and right… (or up and down).

yeah the second one - that’s pretty much it, i was playing around with taping the actuator (I didn’t even know it was called that lol) up before I created the thread. I was hoping there was maybe another way.

Is a 2-way restrcitor really that tight? Surely there must be some space to pull all the normal moves off, like fireballs and dps while reducing the throw?

uh…the 2-way gate restricts it to 2 directions only.

At the risk of sounding stupid:

won’t a restrictor like that still allow me to do fb’s and dp’s?

I’m sorry, but you do understand what “2 directions only” means, right?

A Two way gate?.. Shoot my JLF came 4wayed but it was adjustable to 8 way too buy rotating the middle part of the restrictor plate. I was careless and didnt switch it and then I could only move up down left and right. So two way is undesirable if you are speaking in terms of fighting games youre only gonna move up and down lol. that is horrible. To make your dead zone smaller with a JLF make the actuator bigger on the bottom, buuuuut if you want a true small deadzone, try a korean fanta stick. Very short throw. Also pretty hard to find tho.