Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y-SK shaft rusting


Has anyone had this happen to their Sanwa shaft? I opened up my SF vs X Tekken stick the other day and noticed a lot of rust. So I took the stick apart and noticed that my spring, the e-clip and the shaft had started to rust. The shaft had the most rust and had started to eat away at the material. I don’t have any before pics, but do have some pictures of what I did to it at work. I took the shaft, put it a chemical to take all the old chrome off. Once the old chrome was off I blasted it with some sand and chromed it again. The chrome that we use at my work isn’t the decorative shiny chrome you usually see. This chrome is so the parts last longer. Hopefully it helps prevent it from rusting out again. I threw away the spring and ordered some other parts, so I won’t know how everything will fit with the chrome I added."]



That’s why stainless steel and titanium shafts exist.


Thanks. Didn’t know about the titanium version.