Sanwa JLF versus Seimitsu LS-32 - Fight

As some of you may know, the stock of Sanwa JLF at Lizardlick is down to nothing, and they won’t get any more back in stock until April. I am in a bit of a dilemma here, as I have an order from February 25th about to come due for fulfilling, and they have agreed to change my stick to an LS-32-01 if I desire. I went ahead and placed an order for Sanwa JLF today with Akihabara in the hopes that their stock will last long enough to get me one of them. Obviously I don?t need both right now and can chose one or the other route to mod my MadCatz SE stick. My experience with sticks is limited to the last couple of weeks of play time on the stock MadCatz parts, and I am an unabashed noob.

I am majoring Zangief as my main interest as his resilient and deliberate play style suits me the most. My minor interest happens to be Akuma. Knowing all this, is there any significant difference between the Sanwa and Seimitsu sticks that should make me chose one over the other. Are 720s done better on Sanwa or Seimitsu. I know the FAQ says it?s all personal, but what is your individual opinion, because it?s now decision time, and I have to choose one or the other.

why don’t you just use that quick glue fix on the stock stick in the meantime while your jlf is on the way.

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If you don’t know one from the other, it won’t bother to try an LS-32. Give it a whirl. Or wait for the JLF.

Just order a Sanwa Flash, I’ve heard they are pretty good for 360 characters.

You can’t differ them and hasn’t used either, you are fresh to try either and feel comfortable eventually. Both are high-quality enough =) Go with the LS

Semitsu and Sanwa are both great, I’m not going to debate them at all. (there are other threads you can search for).

What I will say, is both are so infinitely better than the stock SE stick, you can’t go wrong with either one.


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Paik4Life is your friend. Take advantage of this useful info.

Seimitsu has a shorter engage and throw distance than the JLF which means you don’t have to push the stick as far as JLF. JLF is the public’s favorite however… so its up to you.

I tried the JLF, imho it was too wide, so I opted for a Seimitsu which will hopefully be better for my style as I prefer shorter engage distances.

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If you’re an unabashed noob, then just go with whatever is available and you’ll just used to it. Since you really haven’t played on either and neither one is really better than the other, it won’t be that hard for you to just get used to whatever stick you end up with.

I’d like a sanwa flash :frowning:

Ive been searching for this info to no avail, and havent seen anything in any popular shops. Is there an octagonal restrictor plate for the ls-32 stick? This is the reason i chose sanwa over seimetsu, but looks like i might just have to deal and learn the square gate.

will the LS fit into a HRAP 3?

those are really rare to find and i like to own one too. =(

It comes with it…

Please do your research before you start asking questions…:rolleyes:

If you can screw some holes to mount the LS 32 on the HRAP, you’re fine.