Sanwa JLF vs. Hori snap-ins...FIGHT!


Thanks guys for turning me into a joystick freak. :rofl:

I brought home my first stick yesterday (a Hori SFIV stick) and I’ve been very pleased with it. Made my decision to buy this particular stick after lurking around…and yes I’m aware the buttons are soldered to the PCB. :lol:

Next up: Desoldering and modding buttons with Sanwas (I’ve already got them on hand). DUN DUN DUN

My question is, how long do the stock parts last? I know the stick came with a Sanwa JLF and stock Hori snap-ins, and I’m considering to change the buttons when I eventually wear them out, or change the stick and the buttons together.

So essentially I just need to know:

  1. How long does the Sanwa JLF usually last?
  2. How long do Hori snap -ins last?
  3. Stick will last longer than stock buttons or vice versa?



sanwa jlfs are eternal, like diamonds and racism and stuff.


The JLF can/will last for years.
The Hori buttons can last five minutes or five years, YMMV.
Yes, the stick will outlast the buttons.

Go ahead and swap out the buttons now, considering you already have them, you’ll be glad you did.


I didn’t even know these were out. I just Googled it and it’s hilarious that the 360 version is just an EX2 with SF4 artwork. The PS3 version looks just like a smaller HRAP3.


Grats on an awesome fightstick. Good luck on the button mod. Planning on any custom work?


Thanks for the answers guys.

constellation, I think the Hori SFIV stick for the PS3 is essentially a HRAP3 with SFIV art. (and the guts the same as the T5 stick). Same size.

Inverse, thanks! :slight_smile: The only custom mod I can do right now (seeing as I’m a beginner at this read: no experience at all XD) is mod out the buttons and do a bit of de/soldering. Actually gutsy I guess considering I could have went with a stick that has QDs.

However I wanted to invest a bit of “love” on my first stick (and the SFIV artwork…I’m a sucker for these) so I picked this stick to work on. So maybe eventually, a dual PCB mod since I also have a 360, but I’m gonna have fun with this stick first. :stuck_out_tongue:

(I plan to mod the top row buttons with yellow, bottom row red, select/start with white and a clear bubble top. Wonder how that’ll look?)


Does the SF4 HRAP3 really have the buttons soldered onto the PCB?


Yes this is true and confirmed by MarkMan.

When I open mine up I will also take pictures for you. I am sure they are soldered to the PCB. Not a biggie though, modding it is easy and you only have to follow the T5 stick mod thread floating around here.


Hori buttons never bothered me or given me any problems. I’ve used mine in the T5 stick (with a jlf ofcourse) for four years now and just dual modded it. But, since you already have the buttons go ahead and mod it.