Sanwa JLF vs. JLF octo gate?

I know that the JLF has a square gate (like the T5 stick) and the octo has a 8 way gate. My question is, is there a steep learning curve when switch to a JLF octo gate. I have never played on one before. Also is it a whole lot better that just a JLF?

thanks for all the advice.

I’ll let you know when my octagon gate comes in the mail next week.

No XeroDd, qcf is actually easier to do with in a octagon gate then a square. It is true that the square hits the corner better, but extremely difficult to do double qcf. Also, the deflection for the square gate is horrible. I think u have to try it out yourself. ninja_velmor, I think u should try a seimestu LS 32 stick it have smaller dead zone and a less throw.

just gotta mention because people keep making this mistake that square gates are 8 way as well. 4-way and 8-way refer to the movements that you can input, not how many edges the gate has.

extremely difficult?

well its based on personal preference, you’ll never know until you try

I have both. I found that I prefer octogonal. but not necessarially because I found there was something I couldn’t do with the square. I just like how it felt more.

ohh sorry about that, i just read that on that link that was posted above. thanks for all the advice guys

To share my personal experience, I bought a stick full Sanwa 1 month ago and started to play STRemix for 2/3 weeks.

Playing charge characters was actually very good, however playing shoto was quite a pain and I could not really get my QCF and even DP move efficiently.

I received an octogonal gate for my Sanwa JLF 3 days ago and I got to say that it is way better for shoto, as for the charge characters it is ok as well, but it is yet to early to provide a final feedback.

At least for now I am not moving back to the square.

square > octo

For what kind of game / players ?

I understand that if you are already used to the square gate this is no issue, but for people moving from a regular pad to a joystick my feedback is that octogonal gate is way easier.

But I only play STRemix and I am not playing at any high level, I only know that I am having more fun with octo.

Personally Octagonal gates are something more reminisce of American style sticks which have no gate, the difference being you can feel the directions out.

There is difference between in the two gates though, and I think that octagonal gate is actually harder to learn on. There are certain things I am much more consistent with on my square gate, and I’ve been playing on an octagonal gate for almost a year.

Give both of them a try though, also if you order a JLF it comes with a square gate, so you can just order an octagonal as well.

Here’s another tidbit.

Square gates are better for charge characters, such as Urien, there is less margin of error involved to hit down+back and vice versa.

Oh, and I think the learning curve comes from a perceived extra amount of throw, since the arcade stick moves further to hit the edge of the gate when using an octagonal.

if you are having a reaaaaaaaaaaaaally tough time with square, try octo.
i could hardly input anything when i first tried square gate. when i switched to the octagonal gate it was a lot easier for me to learn how to use a stick. once i learned how to move my hands, i switched back to the square gate. :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what I am planning on doing :angel:

thanks guys. Yeah ive been using a square gate for almost 2 years now. I was just wondering what a octo gate would be like. but i think im gunna go with square, i play charge characters in sfhd and sf4, so it seems like the best choice.

For me after playing on a square gate for so long, playing on an octo gate didn’t feel right. The throw is too long and my moves wont come out fast enough. I also feel like my srk’s are less consistent on an octo gate.

I understand that, I’m just saying I’ve heard its not as hard to do it on the square as you’d think after playing for a week or so (not that its easier than octo). Like you said though, I really don’t have any experience yet. Just putting in my 2c after reading the numerous threads debating this so I could make the same decision.

Personally, I plan on learning on a square gate. There seems to be a lot of players saying that the square is worth it in the end. Plus, its arcade standard allowing the same skills to transfer to the cab; and it must be arcade standard for a reason. I guess I’ll see how much I regret that decision in february lol :rofl:

any game/player. An octo gate makes the stick less accurate.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get used to, and prefer playing on an octo gate. But statisticly a square gate is better.

For me square gate. You need to try first to see which one is better for you. Is all matter of preference, like some people said here.

Is there really that much of a difference playing with the two?

I should be getting my octo gate in today so I’ll post impressions of the two either today or tomorrow. The two games I’ll compare are Tekken 5: DR and SSF2THD Remix.