Sanwa JLF vs Madcatz TE?


So i have two Sanwa JLF sticks and both feel more slugish than my TE stick. and others i have used.
I thought Madcatz TEs use the same Sanwa JLFs?
It seems like a harder spring maybe or not lubbed right. the Madcatz is more springy and fast.


There are sometimes manufacturing differences and also used jlf sticks tend to take on a slightly stiffer feel than their brand new cousins


Different batches sometimes feel different. JLF in my HRAP feels different from the JLF in my custom.


ok just making sure. trying to get standard so learning on one. will let me carry over to another.


The more you practice the less you’ll have trouble going from stick to stick

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well 20 years on a Happ then moving to a sanwa has kicked my ass big time.


Try a Seimitsu LS-56-01 it’s got a stiffer spring and short throw so you get the control but with a similar HAPP feel.


Just chiming in, HRAPs with JLF generally seem to have stiffer springs. A HRAP2 and HRAP EX had some pretty stiff springs.

You can also try the JLW. There isn’t a PCB but it’s decently stiff as well.


What about V3s and VXs? Because my theory is that they started using less stiff springs around the time the TE came out.


Hmm, you may be right. The VX and V3s I’ve played on seemed like normal springs. On the older HRAPs, I’ve had a chain of stiffer springs.

It’s a shame they stopped, I kinda like them.


So the Madcatz TE could be loose springs?