Sanwa JLF wire harness

Hey, I just got a stick from a friend and he told me the only thing wrong with it is that the left does not register on the stick. I opened it up and I noticed the orange wire to the stick is cut up.

that’s a picture of it. Is there any way I can fix it other than replacing the whole wire harness?
(insulate with electrical tape after)

how many individual wires are inside the orange wire?

Really shouldn’t matter as long as there’s signal/current. Only time you have to replace the entire thing is if the wire is cut clean through (and you’re unable to solder it together).

To clarify d3v’s point, the number of individual metal wires (strands) within the orange insulation doesn’t matter – it’s called stranded wire, and (as they’re all touching each other without insulation) they call carry the same signal, making them functionally equivalent to a single piece of metal (normally referred to as solid-core or single-strand wire). Basically, they form a single wire together that is more flexible and less prone to breakage with movement than a solid-core wire would be. You really don’t need to worry about “connecting all the strands”; as long as some are connected, the wire as a whole will carry the signal just fine. Of course, the more you connect, the stronger the joint is (and thus less it’ll be likely to break).