i heard a rumor that the Hori Tekken 5 Real Arcade Pro Stick came with a Sanwa JLHS-8Y FLASH 1 stock in it. i wanted to know if someone could confirm this rumor. i don’t think these sticks are too expensive, and therefore would contradict the rumor. if these sticks really came with a flash they would be ridiculosly expensive imo.

No. The Hori Tekken 5 stick has all hori parts. You can mod them fairly easily to put a flash in there, but it does not come with one. AFAIK, no HRAP’s come with flash sticks.

Maybe it was the vf 5 stick. But I certanly did hear that the flash came with one of the two sticks.

The only mass produced stick I’ve ever heard of including an optical encoder was (supposedly) the Capcom vs SNK stick, and it hasnt really been confirmed.

The sticks you mentioned are pretty recent. Flashes went out of production like 3 years ago. Sorry bro, pipe dream.

A) Not all T5 sticks were the Hori T5 stick. There was a tekken HRAP. (See: )

B) It’s moot because the flash is no more.

Both these sticks have optical pcbs inside them. The pcb is pretty much identical to the Sanwa Flash pcb. The only difference is the pcbs say ASCII on them.

There are a lot more than just those 2 sticks. I have a lot of them myself. Probably like 6 or so.

The ASCII Stick 3 has one. The Project Justice Stick has one. I think at least one more but off the top of my head I can’t remember.

But yes, Flash1 made by Sanwa was NEVER in a mass produced stick.


I know someone in my town that has one and he said that he got it in his t5 stick. I looked at it and it said that it was made in usa. I could tell that it was the real deal though because it had the optics in it and had sanwa carved into it, also said flash 1 with the yellow sticker lol do any one of u guys know how much one of these are worth?

everyone has "friends"
how about pictures of said stick

Someone probably just modified the T5 stick with a Flash1. That’s the only logical explanation.

Either that or neither you nor your friend know what you’re talking about. : )


I’m just telling u what the guy said. I don’t wana believe him either, he showed me the stick and it looked identical to the one that sanwa has on their jp website. Neways he wants to sell it to me, but I was wondering how much its worth? Just a rought estimate is ok.

bandit the flash goes for roughly 100 used… its a really good stick and i also have a custom hrap with one installed… works wonders and its good.

if you want ill take a picture of what mine looks like inside so you can make sure its the real deal tommorow.

That would be grately apreciated. U need 5 volts for these don’t u? What kinda pads can u use? I have the original ps1 pads, no dualshock. H series I think, will those work?

yeah they can run on just any pad… i just got my stick camera back from my friend but i will post some tonight when i get off work.

i did a complete mod and used a ps1 controller… but the t5 pcb has voltage too so it can work as well.

If you’re friend’s stick has a black plastic case, White balltop, all white buttons, and a black with red glitter flakes on the lid, we need to talk.

Yea he has all of the above. He has the stick on the link that someone posted previously. The hrap t5 stick, acording to him its the jp t5 stick, the one with the lightning and all. Is thqat good or bad? XD

You use too many vague pronouns, you don’t type clearly, and you make no sense.

“Yea he has all of the above.” I dont care if he has those parts. I asked if the stick had those parts.

“He has the stick on the link that someone posted previously.” If you mean previous in this thread, NO ONE HAS POSTED ANYTHING TO A STICK BY THAT DESCRIPTION. If you mean someone posted it outside of this thread, well hell, I’ve some some great boobs in some of the IMM threads. That doesnt do me a bit of good without, oh, say a LINK or a damn name or at least a good description of what the thread was about. This is the Tech Talk section. There’s a lot of guys posting a lot of pictures of sticks.

“The hrap t5 stick, acording to him its the jp t5 stick, the one with the lightning and all.” Guess what. Neither the Japanese T5 stick, nor the American T5 stick, match the description I asked. So, why say ‘Yea’ in the first sentence. Its like saying “Oh yea, it’s totally like that but different in every way.” Except that would make sense.

“Is thqat good or bad?” It’s evil. Needs dashed in holy water and buried with garlic in it’s mouth. WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN? Is it good HE has one? Is it good he wants to sell it to you? Is the stick good? How the fuck should anyone know if you can’t even give a damn descriptions of it? Is the description of the stick good or bad?

Well, that one I can answer.

God damned public school system.:annoy:

just post some pictures already

ok well like i said id post my hrap mod with a flash in it… jsut took them pix so here it is.

there is the flash… if it doesnt look like that then i dunno what your looking at… but if it is… then get it for a good deal your lucky man. or wait till toodles is finished making his replica… i gave up on making a replica after i sacrificed one and didnt get success.

and yes it is made in USA… its the same shit as the american p360s… greatest sticks ever made.

Yah, the optical technology was made by Wico IIRC, and Happ bought them out some years back.