Sanwa JLS Questions

I’m fairly new to the fighting scene, and I recently bought a Madcatz SE stick modded with Sanwa buttons on ebay. I’m wanting to upgrade the stick, so I’ve done a bit of research, but I still don’t feel confident enough to buy one yet.

What stick should I get? A standard Sanwa stick with a square gate would be my preference. I don’t need anything too fancy, just a better stick than the one I have, but with a similar throw and tension.

Where should I buy the stick from? Are there any sites that have amazing deals? I’ve seen some on japanese sites (Akihabarashop) for around $25 dollars, but I’m not sure what shipping is like there. Amazon has them for $35, but I’d like to spend less than that if possible.

Thanks in advance.

sanwa JLF would be a drop in replacement. shameless plug, but i have one for sale in the trading outlet right now. PM me if you are interested.

Here is everything you need.

Thanks. I can’t believe I hadn’t found that FAQ in my searching. I think I’m going to go with a standard JLF.

However, I have one more question: will the balltop from the Madcatz stick work with the Sanwa stick? I’m fairly sure it will, I’m just curious, so I can have a couple color options depending on what I choose to do art-wise.

Yes they will. They’re the same size.

I dont wanna confuse you, but you should try the LS-32-01 ;]
Its cheaper, and it has a cult following like "The Warriors"
I personally prefer it over the JLF. If youre a big guy with big hands, go with the LS-32-01.

I agree the LS-32 is dope. I cant fit it in my hrap case so Im putting in in my TE/SE