Sanwa JLW-P-3

Anybody knows where can I get the part shown in the pic? I took these from 2 JLW’s that used to be mounted on an old Virtua Fighter 2 Control panel wich I plan to use with my consolised MVS project,

I already look for them at and akihabarashop but It seems that nobody sell these anymore…

i’m pretty sure it’s the same top center ring on all of the JLW models

as for buying just the ring, you could try emailing akihabarashop, per is pretty good about ordering parts if he can

Yes, it seems that is the same part for both JLW models;

Thanks, I’ll try to contact the guys from akihabarashop and ask them for spares, I haven’t done that yet because it seems that they are not selling JLW’s anymore…

i don’t know why he took the jlw-um off the site, i thought it was only the tm (which there are at least two different shaft lengths, long one has a fat dust washer and the larger plate, shorter has a smaller plate like a jlf, with jlf dust washers). discontinued.

Yeah I can send it to you no worries, please reply to my e-mail ;).
Reason we have not put it up yet is because people bought it and thought they could use regular balltop on it. We still wrote in text that you can not do this but people still did it so we pulled it. If people want we can put it up again.