Sanwa JLW-stick with SF2HDremix support

Hi guys,

(I did search and read alot of Sanwa-threads before posting, found zero on this subject)

I just finished my first DIY SF4-arcadestick for PS3, fitted with Sanwa JLW-UM-8 stick and OBSN-30 buttons. I used a Logitech Chillstream for the controllerinterface. The JLW has the square restrictor set for 8-way control.

I knew it would take some time getting used to, from playing SF2 HD remix with the sony-pad, but I find it very hard to pull off supers and halfcircle-moves.

Really, i.e. doing Ryu’s super with 2x d-df-f, either lands the dash-punch or a shoryuken, 3-5 tries before the super ignites. Fire Hadoken (any halfcircle-move) is possible like 2 out of 10 times, sometimes I’m lucky pulling more out in a row. So, Dhalsim’s super is just out of the question (2x hc)

Now, my question is, could it be that the JLW-stick is just too sensitive?
Or, is SF2HD remix just really precise and not forgiving? I think it’s easier playing with pad.

Any thoughts? Or any experience with the JLW-stick vs. the JLF (used in SF4 TE stick)?

I know I have to practice more, but IF there were any tech-issues, it would be nice to know :slight_smile:

I’ve heard SF4 is more forgiving when doing supers, ultras ect., so I hope it’ll solve my problems

Get the circular gate from lizardlick.

Is that it?
The sf4 TE comes with a square as far as I can see from pics, is it really such a vital difference?

thanks for the suggestion bro:wgrin:


i am using a mod’d Hori T5 with a JLW stick. HDR plays just fine. my brother uses it to play Zangief & he SPD’s on demand. we both use it for shoto’s without any problem. same with charge characters.

to quote my old boss, “don’t blame the arrow, blame the indian.” transitioning from pad to joystick takes time & effort. sometimes lots of it. i recommend staying with the square gate & just paying your dues.

Agreed 100%.

Transitioning from pad to stick can be a bit difficult at first. I was a pad player for years, then I built a stick. I sucked at first, but now I play better than I ever did on a pad. Practice, practice, practice is my advice.

What about transferring from the standard Xbox 360 joystick (on the regular controllers) to an arcade stick? How’s the transition there?

I tried using a D-Pad and couldn’t execute anything. I’m used to the analog stick on the xbox 360 pad (as I can’t find a good arcade stick anywhere since I’m new at this).

Good to know there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

I’ve just practiced for 2 hours, seems it’s alot easier to pull off specials/supers when facing left/reverse. I have a normal left positioned stick. The moves just don’t work as well when I face right…:sad:

I’d like to hear more about circle vs. square gate for the JLW though.

I’ve also been playing pad for the last 10 years, but I did play all the SF-games in the arcades in the 90’s, and I just remembered it to be alot easier.


I just got the HRAP3 (JLF stick) and I’m having the exact same problems. So no, its not the stick its you. :wgrin:

Fei’s Rekka and Super Move…basically any QC motions.

Its my first arcade stick.

I just assumed that everything would be 1000000 times easier with the stick but its just not so at this point. :sad:

Everything seems like it needs to be more deliberate in its motion…or it can be just the fact I’m using my entire arm now instead of just my thumb.