Sanwa jlw-um-8 mounting question

Hi, i recently removed the Happ competition from my custom stick. I want to use a Sanwa jlw-um-8(bat top) stick and want to know if it will be a good fit. The case i have has a 1/2" MDF top panel with 1/8" plexi, will the stick be at the correct height if installing from the bottom? I have read Slagcoin and all the Sanwa Seimitsu info i could find. I think its strange how some sites say it can work in wood panels yet the shaft length is the same as a JLF. I am assuming the bat top makes up for some of the height. I don’t want to route the case if i don’t have to but then again i don’t want a stub of a stick. I am hoping that my panel at 1/2" should be thin enough for good height as i know 3/4" wont work. Thanks

You should send an email to chad at lizard lick. From what I understand there are two versions of the shaft, one extended, but am not sure. Either way I would probably be prepared for the event where you would need to chisel (or router if you have) out 1/4 of an inch on the top of the MDF for the JLW mounting plate

i have one mounted under 1/2 inch. its a little short but the bat top does make up for it. mounted under 1/4 inch i thought made it sit to high. IMO

The distance from the top of the base to the top of the bat top on the UM is 3 1/8", so just subtract the thickness of your panel, and there’s your height… You should be able to figure out from there if it’s ok for you. The mounting plate on our UM’s will match up with the holes left from your Happ also…


Hi Chad, that was my JLW that you shipped to me today. BTW is Ultimarc the only place that sells the 10mm extended shafts for JLW and their Ultrastick 360?. It would be nice if it were a Sanwa part but i assume these are custom made just for Andy at Ultimarc. Thanks for the replies, hope this combo will work for me.

Well i got my JLW today and got it installed. The mounting plate is exactly like a Happ competition, so no holes had to be re-drilled. The next thing was how the height would be in my panel (total thickness 5/8", MDF+Plexi conbined). I saw some people install them in un-routered 3/4" wood and it looked terrible not to mention almost unplayable just looking at it. I installed from the bottom (no-router) which left me with 60mm from top panel to bat top. Not bad as a JLF or Seimitsu is the same height with a 35mm ball and 24mm shaft exposure. Of all the sticks i played this is the best so far. To correct Slagcoin a little, the spring i feel would be a medium tension similar to a LS-32. The Happ is really heavy and can actually create fatigue. It’s not as uncomfortable as a they stated. Also the engage i would say is medium as opposed to far and the throw is short as descibed. Overall i prefer this to the Happ, JLF and LS-32 i owned before. Great stick IMO. It was like a good pair of shoes, if they are comfortable the minute you try them on you know it’s only gonna get better. That’s how much i liked this stick from the get go. As always thanks to Chad for great service!.

JLWs are definitely under appreciated.

There is a simple way to gain 1/4" from a JLW with bat top simply by putting a nylon spacer on the threaded end. The bat top normally goes down on the shaft more than it has to because the female threads on the bat are recessed in the handle. The spacers are available at Home Depot (1/2"OD 3/8"ID) Fits perfect over the M10 threaded shaft on the JLW. The toughest part was cutting the shaft to length and getting it flat by sanding. When its done you don’t really see the spacer, also when completed it is the exact same height from plate to top of the handle as a Happ compettion at around 70mm exposed mounting in 1/2" panel with plexi. I will post some pics soon, hope this helps anyone looking to install this stick from the bottom in a wood panel.