Sanwa Joystick acting up

I recently (like 3 days ago) modded my Madcatz SE stick with Sanwa buttons & joystick. I played MvC3 right after and everything was fine. I just got XBL back today and got SF3 and was going through some trials when my stick started acting funny. At first it wouldn’t read any:u: inputs. I tried it out a few more times and now it occasionally reads the other directions but more often than not none of my stick inputs work (buttons work fine though). I’m very new to modding sticks so the only idea I had was making sure the joysticks prong is still plugged in. Any other ideas in case that doesn’t fix the problem?

see if switching to LS or DP helps

check the other end of the wire harness (one end is the joystick prong, other end is wires) to see if theres any loose connection

was the JLF used? if it was new, talk to the vendor about it.

My friend’s SE’s connector that attaches to the JLF was really loose and causing directions to either drop sporadically or completely stop working. We were able to ghetto-rig it by using tape or a rubber band to hold it in place, but eventually replaced it with a JLF harness from Lizardlick and it’s been reliable ever since. You should open it up and see if wiggling the connector around changes things, if so that’s probably the issue.

Here’s the replacement part: