Sanwa joystick - one direction not working

Hi and I am sorry if this topic has been discussed before.

I have a modded SE madcatz with sanwa parts and a TE madcatz stick and with both Sanwa joysticks I have had a loss of function of one of the directions.

I don’t abuse the sticks any more or less than any other person and I am not sure why I would have this problem when my $50 Hori stick got punished and fared much better.

Anyone able to tell me what the problem might be and any idea on how I may be able to fix it?

Thanks, much appreciated.

Open it up and look at the wire harness. Something is probably loose or cut. Doubt its a faulty jlf pcb.

Where would I find the wire harness? Would that be part of the stick itself?

the harness is inside the case itself. It will be plugged into a side of the Sanwa JLF

Sorry to appear completely ignorant in this, but would this insist that the stick itself (or the wiring of it) is bad? Ive not had any problems with the default joystick nor the seimitsu stick I currently have in my SE stick, which replaced one of the Sanwas went it started to act up.

A month later of TE stick use and now that Sanwa LEFT directional is starting to act up, here and there, not completely out. I didnt want to open up the TE stick if I didnt have to but I suppose I have no choice now.