Sanwa joystick Washer issue?

The SE stick, has rubbing issues with the Washer in the inside… which i know can be fixed with super glue…

How about the Te Stick… does the joystick have a washer that needs to be glued down aswell ?

I should be getting my TE stick soon, and I am excited… did not want to destroy it by any rubbing issues on the joystick …

tnx for the help/answers in advance guys… :smile:

i know that the TE stick is all Sanwa… Regardless, wanted to know if it had a loose washer that needed to be glued down…

No, the TE should be perfectly fine out of the box.

Then every person with a Sanwa JLF in their Custom or Mod would have bad if the Mad Catz problem carried over. :sad:

Don’t worry everything is cool…

thanks for the responses guys… at first that is the most common sence thing to think, is that the JLF sanwa should be fine…

but then i saw this tutorial video that showed him glueing the washer down on his new jlf sanwa… [media=youtube]PuyIKOYq_gI[/media]

i guess its just optional… like you guys said people would be complaining about the TE sticks…

Any one putting glue into their jlf is an idiot

how do you get to the washer i cant seem to get to it i cant figure out hot to get the whole stick off i cant cant get the mounting plate off ether because the screws on that keep stripping

Whoa, whoa.
Is that three questions you are asking?

Removing the Mounting Plate is not needed to access Washer.
And didn’t you get the Joystick out of the Case already, since you are at Mounting Plate?

What do you mean by "whole Joystick off?"
It doesn’t make sense when after that you typed you “can’t get the Mounting Plate off either.”

It is pretty ambiguous.
Some people say “whole Joystick” as including the Mounting Plate.
And well, you can’t get Mounting Plate off unless you get out the “whole Joystick” first.
And that is by unscrewing from the Mounting Bracket.

“Whole Joystick” may mean specifically just the Joystick, not with Mounting Plate.
So it is weird you say you cannot remove Mounting Plate "either."
Because to separate “whole Joystick” from Mounting Plate, obviously need to unscrew from.

In this sense, you achieve getting “whole Joystick off” after you remove Mounting Plate.
So there shouldn’t be any "either."
So confusing.

It is true the screws keeping Mounting Plate onto Joystick strip.
Mad Catz low quality there, like a lot of their previous products.

To get to the Washer, you just simply remove Restrictor Gate.
Then you take off the Joystick PCB.
BAM! You’ll see the Washer.

Restrictor Gate on stock Mad Catz Joystick is incredibly super hard on.
Use a screwdriver from underneath clip to remove easier.

I thought I should ask my question here. What size screws do you use to attach the mounting plate to the joystick? The ones used in the default regular ST joystick doesn’t fit in my newly bought stick.

Thank you for having searched around and finding this Thread to Post in.
I appreciate you having not created a new Thread.

The screws you have now do not fit because there are no nuts for screws to thread though.

Get some M3 (3mm) screws of .5mm Pitch at length of 8 or 10mm.
SRK Member MnShredder recommend 8mm because it seems 10mm touch the PCB.

For the nuts, get M3 (3mm) of .5mm Pitch.

If you don’t want to go out for buying nuts, you can use the ones already in the stock Mad Catz Joystick.
When you remove the Restrictor Gate and take off the PCB, you will see four holes where the nuts are.

so my question is do you have to glue down the washer on a new JFL? Also does it work in preventing the scratches on the PCB? I’m new to the whole “Arcade parts” thing so I wanted to know about this thing…Thanks

No one glued their Sanwa JLF before Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick?.
No one is going to glue their Sanwa JLF now.

Anyone who is gluing their Sanwa JLF because of that video above, is not cool.


Thanks for that but that still didn’t answer my question and I heard of people glueing their washers before but I couldn’t find out why and thats why I’m asking now…

People glue down Washer on the stock Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick? Joystick to prevent scratching.
That is because the Washer on stock Mad Catz Joystick is prone to getting out of its recess and move around as you do Joystick motions.

As the Washer keeps popping out and rubbing on the PCB below it, the Traces will get messed up, eventually messing up the Circuit Board.
Then leading to non-responsive inputs.

That is why people glue down Washer on stock Mad Catz Joystick.
Even though the problem on Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick? has supposedly been fixed, people are still gluing.
Because Mad Catz is just known for their bad products in the past.

Also is why people just replace the whole thing with a Sanwa JLF.
Problem solved after that.

Those who glue their Sanwa JLF are paranoid and weird.

lol I guess that’s me then. I figured it doesn’t do anything to harm it, and it makes sure it will NEVER come out accidentally. (just because it hasn’t happened before, doesn’t mean it can’t).

oh kool so i understand now and are their any reports that the JFL sanwa washers comes out like the stock madcatz joystick? I haven’t seen one report but that doesn’t mean it never happen but jdm714 what kind of stick do you have…the SE or the TE or both? I have the SE and I’m modding it but now I’m looking foward to getting the TE but I’m undecided because I believe that once you mod the SE(joystick and buttons) everything would be ok and it’ll last as long as the TE…since you have more experience and knowledge can you give me some points and advice? Thanks

First off, if the washer thing kept destroying regular JLF Sanwa joysticks, I think this would be rather bad for business. Just trust what these guys say. If it isnt a problem, then just accept that it isnt.

I’ll give you some pointers. There is several interesting links there.

Given that you want to “make a TE” out of your SE, you should get a stick like this: (scroll down to JLF-TP-8YT-SK) This is a dropin replacement for the shitty mad catz stick thats in your SE.

Other than that you would want to replace the buttons with “Sanwa OBSF-30” Pushbuttons.

Having given you some pointers, I think you now really should search for existing threads to learn more about this, as there are quite a bit written about this already. Good luck.

Thanks for all the good info “jdm714”. I just ordered my SE Stick last night and decided to do some research, so here’s hopping I have no problems with the stick.

What I got so far is that the Stick might be messed up but apparently these problems were fixed I’m not too sure, but just in case i need a replacement stick after my warranty is over the “Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK Ball Handle Joystick, 4 & 8-Way Adjustable” is my best option to get as a replacement right?

Sorry if its a stupid question but this will be my 1st stick so I really don’t know anything about them.

M3 3mm nuts are very hard to find. None of the craft shops I went to has it and it’s hard to find them at .5mm pitch online. I also can’t seem to take apart the default stick in the normal SF Madcatz stick either. It’s like they soldered it or something, the last two screws just won’t come out. Anyone have any advice to take apart the stick and get the nuts or maybe have a place to buy the nuts online?