Sanwa Joystick with Madcatz pcb

Hey Guys, I want to apologize because I bet this has been covered somewhere, but anyways, here I go.

So I wired up everything for our custom fight stick and took it to play street fighter. The joystick has wrong directions everywhere. I cant figure out how to wire the sanwa stick. I cant use common ground because the madcatz controller doesnt support it? I can only go up-right down-right and sometimes up-left, but not when I actually push that direction. Does anyone have a diagram or any help with wiring up this joystick to a madcatz controller pcb (early version).

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Just wire the 2 parts of each dpad direction to the 2 metal prongs sticking out of the JLF’s switches and don’t use the wiring harness/pins at all.

what do you mean wiring harness and pins. i have exactly that.

This is how i wired it, except i used the ground from the bumpers and the left one doesnt work. also i dont get any lateral movement from my stick, only diagonal left right and down sometimes, but i can block so its there its just not wired right.

sorry if this is big.

For your JLF, you will have to cut the Traces on Microswitch PCB, and connect Ground directly to each Microswitch.
Here something I whipped up:

I had it so that Sanwa JLF-H be used too.
Don’t have to use Wire Harness if don’t want to.

You can also just replace the whole TP-MA and put in Cherry Microswitches or other individual Microswitches.

Wait… that pad is common ground.

That is Common Ground between the same colors.
But the PCB as whole is non-Common Ground.

That is why avd7a got crazy directions.
avd7a needs to cut the Traces on Joystick PCB.

Since the Joystick PCB is Common Ground, using on non-Common Ground PCB would give crossed electrical registration.

For right and left bumper, can I just used the ground next to the signal point, or do I need to use the common ground on the dpad?

My xbox guide button doesnt work either. I wired it correctly, and and shared ground with the start button (which works) but the guide doesn’t.

Thanks for all the help guys.

You can use respective Ground next to LB and RB.
Do not have to use the ones on D-Pad.

so I can keep my signal solder points that I made originally, but I need to go into the stick and cut the ground lines and use the new solder points for my ground?

btw thanks for all the help.