Sanwa - Looking for a JLF or Buttons?


I noticed a lot of posts in this forum these past few days of people looking for a JLF… looking for buttons, etc… Anyway, a lot of them are in the Lizard Lick thread and some are threads on their own. I don’t want to post in anyone else’s thread and be rude, but I want everyone in Tech Talk to know that I started a selling thread in the trading outlet over 2 weeks ago selling these parts and so far everyone has given a hundred percent positive feedback for their buying experience.

I’m not really sure why people are having trouble finding it, maybe they think trading outlet is for used items only or they just don’t go to that section in general, but here is some information for you guys:

The thread:

The order forms:

My feedback:

Most orders are at your doorstep within 1-5 business days of payment. :rock:


Good stuff man!

I ordered (6) Sanwa OBSF 30 buttons from you before your site was up and I got them within 2 weeks. (I’m in Canada too)

I need to order just (2) more 30mm OBSF buttons, I went to your site and shipping comes out to $10.00 :S is there a way you could reduce the shipping cost or refund me the extra (like Liz Lick does) I saw on the box that shipping was only about $4.00 for the (6) buttons.


Shipping usually includes handling as well. He has to buy the box(or envelope) and whatever he uses inside to protect it.


There is about a 1-3 dollar handling fee for USA shipments added to the shipping calculator on my website.
For international shipments there is a 5 dollar fee.

For international orders I have to buy or find my own box, and I must fill out customs forms.
For domestic shipments I get free boxes from the post office and it’s just a lot easier.

If I charged what the post office charges me for shipping I would be losing money (as well as time obviously,) to fulfill your order for 2 buttons.


Would I need anything else if I wanted to drop that sanwa stick into my SE fightstick?


Nope its a straight drop in. Order from this guy, fast shipping. I live in MN and got it with in 3 days after ordering.


I really wish you had more colors…


Alright, I’m intrigued. If I don’t hear from LL by monday I’ll bite.


Don’t know why the thread got downvoted considering this comes up so often. Probably one of those angry people who was horrified you wanted to make money.


That’s a bummer btw. If I hadn’t ordered on the 22nd and heard that they were close to being at my day I would have ordered from here no questions asked.


This guy isn’t even charging that much more at all - and he already shipped out my JLF as of today.

Excellent service.


Just placed my order. Let me know if anything changes or comes up.


what color is dark hai?




what plate is on the JLF?


this model doesn’t come with one


a few questions

I would like to buy a padhack and a JLF from you. So I went to your web site to see what you had. I like the padhack, but I am going to have to add a few things to it. I am goin to add some LED’s. Does the padhack include a headset port? Next thing is the JLF. How am I to mount it with no mounting plate? The last question is more of a general tech question I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind helping me with. For asthetic purposes I am using the Seimitsu PS-14-KN clear buttons. However, for performance purposes I would like to upgrade the microswitches with Sanwa microswitches. Can you tell me what those switches are? And can I buy the switches from you. Eventhough I know I can’t buy the Seimitsu buttons from you, I would buy the microswitches just because that is good business. Thanks for any information. I build kitchens and bathrooms and therefore I know I can build a nice stick. However, this is my first stick build and could use any help that you are willing to share. Thanks again-Darkhorse46-


Hi, Im not doing padhacks right now so you are out of luck.
Seimitsu and sanwa microswitches are not compatible with the other manufacturer’s buttons. Mounting plates are not necessary, please see the mounting diagrams on this excellent website.


Why would you want to swap out Seimitsu switches anyway? It isn’t going to make the buttons feel or work any diffrently.


Seimitsu buttons feel and behave very differently with Sanwa switches in them. In fact, almost all of the feel and operation is in the switch.

You can put Sanwa RG switches in large-switch Seimitsus, and normal Sanwa pushbutton switches in small-switch Seimitsus.