Sanwa Mesh Balltops?


I’m debating over the Dark-Hai or the Black. What’s the difference between the two? I can distinguish a slight difference in tone but I want to know the details.


Dark-hai is grey and black is black they look totally different


Ah gotcha. Would it be like a dark grey or literally a grey.


You have never seen the black and grey sanwa buttons before? its a nice dark grey but not close to black


Okay! I actually own several grey sanwa buttons I got from my TE, Pro, and V.S. Stick. Thanks RR


here’s a pic for you.


Thank you


you’re welcome.


Another question. I own a Violet Meshtop, will I be able to LED the Meshtop? I’ve seen people with marble to pearl balltops or buttons and I’ve seen them light up with this nice unique milky light effect.


No mesh balls are solid you can’t added an led the one you are speaking of is special ball top I think it may be from paradise arcade


Aww mayun :frowning:


Butteroj sells light-up solid balltops, too… But nobody sells meshballs that light up with LED’s.

Meshballs are regular, solid Sanwa balltops with a special pattern layer laid on top of them before they get their protective “glaze” put on. Those are fairly solid balltops and too opaque to allow light through them.
They’re also more expensive to manufacture than bubbletops and other transparent balltop handles…]

I imagine translucent meshballs COULD be made but they would probably be more expensive than regular meshballs which are already at least $12-$14…
Doesn’t seem to be a huge market for them yet…


i had both - go with the black it REALLY stands out.
the gray just looks gray from far away…
but of course it’s up to your personal preference.