Sanwa modded DOA4 stick w.i.p


added a 360 stick I modded for Soul. see later posts below for inside pics and lessons learned.

it’s looking great, but what’s up with the dust cover?

good to know it’s moddable.

Must have not had an original one, and only had a dust cover for the shaft cover size.


(pictures of the inside would be appreciated)

looks like a remodled green goblin lol

for ramon:

Next up, wiring and starting the magneto stick :slight_smile:

(i dunno where that dust cover came from, but if anyone needs it, i’ll throw it in an envelope for ya and you’ll owe me 39 cents :slight_smile: )

So, it works for 360 still, right? Would you be able to do it for my stick, too?


You gonna put a different PCB in? Or how do you plan on using it for 360? If you get it wired with a PCB, let me know how that turns out.


Actually I’m doing ps1 guts, but I don’t think it would be hard to do 360 again. The 360 pcb is smaller than the ps1’s if you wire straight to the main board and not the one that supported the buttons. I’m putting my faith in an adapter coming out soon, not that i’m getting a 360 I just like the hori case (it’s $40 new!!!).

And yeah, I could do that for you if you want final_c. I had planned on selling this one, but I also have another one lying around that’s virgin plus a pink set of sanwa buttons. PM me whatever you were interested in specifically.

do you think you could mount the Sanwa just a bit lower?
the case looks great, but i hope it can fit Sanwas at the right height. at least it’s pretty obvious that Seimitsus will.

Nah. It scrapes the bottom plate. Someone tried it on the DOA4 stick thread and had to settle for leaving the gate off and using the doa4 shaft (which i guess i could do for a shorter shaft). I likes the longer shaft tho.


Sick ass mod man. You’ve gotta bring them shits back to VA when you come.

bump for update. see first post. psx pads are digital for now. fuck gamestop. :frowning:


Is it me or are those sanwa’s standing really long, perhaps 1 1/2 inches or more? That seems like a really tall Sanwa. But it could be the angle, correct me if I am wrong.

You may need a different type of sanwa shaft so that it doesn’t seem so long.


yes it’s mounted about an 1/8" higher than the hori, and the sanwa shaft is taller than the hori by about a half inch or so. Me and my friends have played on it and it is a beautiful thing. Try it.


Yeah I tried working with a longer shaft, but it seems like the throw is too far, and doesn’t respond to my quick tappings. You must be used to the throw. I prefer the shorter ones, feels like I just tap, and it responds.


yo Ramon, Poon might have those Hori shafts you need.

Very nice work.
How did you atach the artwork?
Going with the original sanwa shaft seems to be the better option
when modding hori’s.

I haven’t posted in trading outlet yet, but i have a couple hori stick sets and 3 button sets for sale if anyone’s interested. pcb’s have been sold.

ni-10: The artwork’s just a laminated color printout. I attached it with that extra stinky countertop laminate glue from lowes. shouldnt run you more than a few bucks.

Nicely done poon

well here my 360 stick

its pretty much the same mod as poon just different artwork(thanks for the artwork poon:wgrin: )

only diff is that i printed it out on self Adhesive vinyl instead of laminating it(didnt like how it look when laminated)